5 Heartbreaking Moments in 'Till I Met You'

They say life is never easy but definitely, it’s worth living. The pains and challenges we encounter along the way teach us the best things and we grow because of them. In “Till I Met You”, Basti (James Reid) and Iris (Nadine Lustre) went through a lot of struggles in their life as a couple. Before the series airs its finale tomorrow night, let us look back at the 5 most heartbreaking moments of Iris and Basti.


After arguing about their parents’ past, Basti and Iris decided to break up in order to make things less complicated for their families.


Iris broke down in front of Basti and Cass (Carmina Villaroel) after she found out that she was suffering from ectopic pregnancy, a rare case that affected the development of her child.


During one of the events of The Love Team, Iris suddenly became emotional and cried to Ali (JC Santos) when she discovered that the name of their client’s baby was the same with her unborn baby.


Iris was surprised by her loved ones as one way of comforting her after she lost her first baby. Kelly (Kim Molina), Cass, Ali and Basti gave their appreciation speech that made Iris shed some tears.


After Madison (Loren Burgos) made Iris believe that she and Basti have an affair, Iris went home brokenhearted. When Basti arrived, she confronted him and forced him to admit. She then demanded space and time away from her husband.

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