REVIEW: Till I Met You finale proves how the power of love always prevails

True love prevails in the end.

This has never been so declared in the finale of Till I Met You, when after all the problems Basti (James Reid) and Iris (Nadine Lustre) faced in their marriage, they would find the heart to remain strong and dedicated to one another.

It ended with such a cinematic effect—Iris, after learning that her husband had not been unfaithful, chases a supposedly departing Basti against all odds, even faced with monstrous traffic, racing a distance of hundreds of kilometers all by herself, and being hit by a motorcycle on her way to the airport. But it went all for naught as the plane had left, leaving Iris in tears and in terrible physical pain.

Gleeful shock

But a limping Iris had the most gleeful shock of her life—finding Basti waiting for her by the sidewalk in front of her home. Maybe a cruel yet playful prank, indeed, but that inevitably proved how much they loved each other. It further stated how love is all too powerful when genuine, when forgiveness, selflessness and perseverance reign. Ali (JC Santos) finally succeeded in getting his father Greggy’s (Robert Seña) blessings in his relationship with Stephen (Enzo Pineda). Kelly (Kim Molina) and Otap (Cedrick Juan) were finally engaged as their love triumphed. Basti’s father Nestor (Zoren Legaspi) also tied the knot with a remorseful Val (Angel Aquino), who admitted she was behind Maggi’s (Loren Burgos) advances towards Basti and asked for forgiveness. Full and complete

The best of all, Basti and Iris’s love had further blossomed into being parents themselves, as Iris gave birth to twins, which made their journey full and complete. A touching finale for a story that shows that love always wins. It was a fitting end to how two lovers met in the most unorthodox of circumstances yet discovered how they were truly meant for each other, staying together until the end. As both tell each other, “Tayo hanggang dulo.”

James Reid and Nadine Lustre further jolted viewers with electrifying chemistry that made the roles of Basti and Iris perfect for them. Definitely, one of the country’s most comely and beguiling kilig love teams has delivered the goods. Angel Aquino was again notable in her depiction of a wrongful woman seeking forgiveness and wanting to correct her mistakes. While viewers knew the evil she committed, they would feel the sincerity and absolve her themselves.

Excellent JC

JC Santos was excellent in his first outing in this drama series, and moreso in this finale as he gripped viewers with his portrayal of a person relieved and reassured of the love of people close to his heart, especially his father and lover. His joy and tearful appreciation was genuine, startling and deeply felt by everyone. Indeed, an acting gem we all await to see more of.

Netizens were likewise impressed.