What You Need To Look Forward To in ‘Till I Met You’ Part 2


What You Need To Look Forward To in Till I Met You Part 2 1 If On The Wings Of Love shot scenes in San Francisco, USA, “Till I Met You” will have several scenes in Greece. The team headed by Direk Tonet flew to Greece to shoot at the different locations for two weeks. The show will definitely feature the scenic views of Athens, Santorini and Mykonos since two award-winning cinematographers, Dan Villegas and Mycko David, are also part of the team.


The upcoming series will feature the songs written by acclaimed composer Odette Quesada and these songs will reflect the various stages of love the characters will go through in the story. Kyla, who sang the theme song for “On The Wings of Love”, will also sing the theme song “Till I Met You”. The teleserye will also feature a version of the song sung by JaDine.

Other songs that will be featured in the show are “Friend of Mine” (performed by Juris), “Don’t Know What To Do, Don’t Know What To Say” (performed by Erik Santos, who sang “Say You’ll Never Go” for “OTWOL”), “Give Me A Chance” (performed by Kaye Cal), “To Love Again” (performed by Daryl Ong, who sang “Stay” for “OTWOL”), “Farewell” (performed by Aiza Seguerra), and “My Favorite Story”, an original song composed and performed by Odette Quesada.

The official soundtrack of “Till I Met You” will be released and be available very soon.


What You Need To Look Forward To in Till I Met You Part 2 2 “Till I Met You” is the return of James and Nadine to primetime television after the tremendous success of “On The Wings of Love”. Without a doubt, JaDine is one of the most phenomenal love teams of this generation. They have become superstars with numerous endorsements, TV commercials, magazine covers, record albums and a lot more.

In the upcoming series, James will play Basti while Nadine will play Iris. According to them, these two characters are more mature than Clark and Leah, the characters of their previous teleserye “On The Wings Of Love”.

“In a world full of maybes and almosts, iisa lang ang nasa puso mo always…”

Catch the kilig and unique love story of Basti, Iris and Ali in “Till I Met You” beginning this August 29 only on ABS-CBN Primetime Bida.

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