SPECIAL FEATURE: How Till I Met You became your not-so-ordinary love story

To say that the primetime drama Till I Met You is not your usual teleserye is a complete understatement.

Throughout its five-month run, we were all flabbergasted, stymied, and astonished with each passing night with surprising twists and turns that made the weeknight drama a delightful watch. And it showed that the love story of Basti (James Reid) and Iris (Nadine Lustre) was surely no ordinary on-air romance.

What made it as such?

1) An LGBT hook

Viewers were captivated by what became a riveting hook—the mesmerizing Ali (JC Santos), Iris’ best friend and initial love interest, coming out as gay and actually making that romance possible. But, it did start with Ali’s attraction to Basti, wherein it seemed that Iris was the third wheel—eliciting guffaws and stickiness among viewers. Yet, such a hook really was one endearing tool to bring both Basti and Iris to each other’s arms.

2) Real-to-reel romance

Even before the series began, we already knew James and Nadine were an item. And expecting their romance to start from scratch would seem anti-climactic. Thus, the splurge towards a no-holds-barred relationship was just an unquestionable, logical turn, unlike most other romantic dramas wherein those team-ups are aspirational and assumed as fictional as the story.

3) Risque-y relationship

While it did raise eyebrows and controversy, and an eventual summoning from the MTRCB, those intimate scenes between Basti and Iris were made to depict a recklessness so real among youngsters in love today and how they must learn from the consequences.

4) Not really a life “happily ever after”

Ordinary teleseryes almost always depict weddings a fitting end to all the protagonists’ sorrows and start a life happily ever after. Here, it became the opposite. After deciding to walk down the aisle, Basti and Iris were besieged with ordeals one after another. How they handled those difficult situations, especially losing a child to a miscarriage, had become inspirational and praiseworthy.

5) Road to maturity

While most other romantic dramas typically prioritize kilig, TIMY had been largely preoccupied with making Basti and Iris more than an electrifying tandem but better, mature persons in dealing with the worst ordeals in their lives as individuals and as a couple. Although the drama took different turns from what we normally perceive as a typical teleserye, Till I Met You surely pushed the envelope in making us understand and comprehend the realities of young love and all the complexities that come with it. And best of all, how these two starcrossed lovers stay committed and steadfast amid real challenges people their age could easily surrender to.

All in all, Till I Met You has definitely made an impressive mark in the eyes and minds of its loyal audience.