KChat Jillian Pamat talks about Bamboo

The Voice Teens Season 3 grand wnner, Jillian Pamat, is finally taking a moment to relax and catch up on some much-needed rest, reflecting on the reality of her victory sinking in. Since clinching the title of grand champion on May 19, her life has undergone significant changes. She's now being recognized by more people, gaining fans and supporters along the way. However, beyond the newfound fame, winning The Voice Teens represents the culmination of a dream she’s been tirelessly working towards since childhood.

She sang a song about love and regrets, “Di Na Muli,” the Janine Tenoso revival version, during the Blind Auditions, with her powerful yet soothing voice earning the attention of all three coaches – Bamboo, KZ Tandingan, and Martin Nievera – leading to a three-chair turn. Ultimately, Jillian decided to join Coach Bamboo's Kamp Kawayan.

Looking back on that moment, the teen belter admitted that she hesitated to choose such a challenging piece as she wasn’t feeling well that day. “Masakit po ngipin ko tapos may sinusitis po ako. Sabi ko, ‘pag kinanta ko ‘to tapos hindi okay ‘yung katawan ko, hindi pwede,” revealed Jillian, who hails from Bukidnon.

She kept the first phases of auditions a secret from her parents, who only learned about her participation in The Voice Teens when she received a call for the Blind Auditions, where she performed in front of the three coaches. An interesting detail in her journey was when she was accepted for auditions, her parents' first concern was figuring out where to get the money to support her dream, as they needed funds for travel expenses and allowances.

But as they say, the universe favors the bold and determined. Despite her nerves and feeling under the weather, she sought solace in a heartfelt conversation with God through prayer. She asked for a sign from the Lord to guide her in choosing a coach if she needed to decide after her performance. Then, she noticed Coach Bamboo standing inside the studio, with coaches KZ and Martin seated. It was somewhat ambiguous. However, since Coach Bamboo was the only one standing, Jillian took it as a hint that perhaps God wanted her to consider the rock icon. So, she made a deal with herself: if Coach Bamboo turns his chair for her, then it’s indeed him she would choose as her coach.

Getting in after the Blind Auditions was only the start of her journey, with momentum gradually building up through the Knockout Rounds until reaching its crescendo in the Final Round.

Of course, Coach Bamboo played a pivotal role in Jillian's journey. They shared a strong and genuine connection fuelled by their shared passion for music. With Bamboo serving as her mentor and guide, Jillian found the motivation to persevere and the confidence to unleash her full potential.

She highlighted Bamboo's unwavering dedication as a teacher, never giving up until everything was perfected, even if it meant going overtime during rehearsals. He’s the type to stick to his vision, showing genuine care toward the high hopes and big dreams of the young aspirants under his wing, whom he also needed to nurture. “Every practice, may bago siyang tinuturo. Hindi siya nagsi-stick sa isang turo lang. Bago lahat,” Jillian expressed.She was incredibly obedient to her coach, even though she sometimes felt starstruck because she idolized Bamboo so much. When asked about her discoveries about Bamboo, the young artist revealed that the "astig rakista" sometimes breaks into dance during rehearsals to ease his nerves. While viewers only see Bamboo's serious side on TV, Jillian was fortunate enough to witness his fun side behind the scenes. Lastly, she emphasized that her coach has a big heart.

“Every time na kakanta kami, i-dedicate daw po namin ‘yun sa family namin,” was Coach Bamboo’s greatest piece of advice that stuck with her. She added, “Just enjoy. Have fun.”

And surely, she lived by her mentor’s words throughout the competition. You could tell Jillian was simply on stage doing what she loves – singing – without succumbing to the pressure of competition. She cherishes her favorite moments from her The Voice Teens stint, including the time she performed “Natatawa Ako” during the Knockouts, as that song has been one of her most frequently performed pieces. That's why she still pulled it off, even though they changed the arrangement just a day before the actual performance.

It would have been goosebumps-inducing if she had sung another one of her favorite songs, “Himala,” originally performed by Bamboo, during the competition. While "Himala" wasn't included in her repertoire during the contest, Jillian did give a sample of it in this episode of Kapamilya Chat.

From being a ‘kontesera’ to releasing her own music, and meeting and performing alongside her idols such as her fellow The Voice of the Philippines graduates Juan Karlos Labajo and Kyle Echarri (her crush!) – that is Jillian's goal. With her talent, passion, and the right training and guidance, she has what it takes to make waves in the OPM scene.

We’re rooting for you, Jillian!