MarTeam Steph Colline 5 interesting facts

After consistently acing their performances in the Blind Auditions, the Battle Rounds, and the Knock-Out Rounds, two teen artists were chosen by each coach of The Voice Teens Philippines Season 3 to proceed to the semi-finals. And for the “MarTeam,” or the group supervised by the one and only Concert King Martin Nievera, they are going to be Steph Lacuata and Colline Salazar.

But before we get to see them onstage again to show the world that they have what it takes to be this season’s grand winner, let us get to know more about Steph and Colline in this feature!

Serenading us with his rendition of Alamid’s “Your Love,”  Steph Lacuata, who turned out to have joined The Voice Kids Season 4 in 2019 and competed under the wing of former coaches Sarah Geronimo and Lea Salonga, you’ll surely be surprised to know that there is definitely more to him than his beautiful voice.

In this video, he imparted that apart from singing, he also has the talent in playing the guitar, which he usually does every time he helps in their small carinderia and during his free time at school. Besides, he has a knack for writing songs, too, through which he’s able to express his thoughts and emotions.  

Aside from music, Steph is also passionate when it comes to utilizing his other artistic talents in serving at their parish church. He enthusiastically shared that serves as a photographer and videographer at their church, who’s in charge of documenting special events. As a member of their parish’s social communication and media ministry, it’s also part of his duties to create digital visuals as the graphic designer.

MarTeam s Steph Lacuata Colline Salazar share 5 interesting facts about themselves 1

There’s definitely no doubt that his faith in God is deep and strong as he also loves reading the Bible and memorizing verses that could help him get through in life.

His teammate, Colline Salazar, on the other hand, won us over with her melodious operatic voice and astonishing high notes when she performed the Filipino folk song “Katakataka” during the Blind Auditions. 

Along with her being a versatile young singer, she apparently also has a colorful and vibrant personality, which can be evident through her hair clips. According to her, she loves to collect hair clips in different colors, shapes, sizes, and designs, which really makes her happy.

At a young age, she’s already a loving furmom to the four adorable and “makukulit” dogs that she owns. She regards them as her stress-relievers, who never fails to lift her mood up whenever she’s at home. Her other form of stress reliever is reading manga and comics, which she’s been doing ever since she was young.

MarTeam s Steph Lacuata Colline Salazar share 5 interesting facts about themselves 2

Based on the timbre and quality of her vocals, it probably didn’t come as a surprise that she’s a choir member. Being part of their church’s choral group, according to Colline, has helped her gain confidence as a singer, as well as when it comes to interacting and socializing with other people.

And lastly, she went on to share how an avid listener she is of Broadway and musicals, which have also inspired her to join this competition.

Who between Steph and Colline will make it to the grand finals and stand a chance to become the next grand winner? Let’s find out by not missing the next episodes of The Voice Teens Philippines Season 3, Saturdays and Sundays on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live,, and A2Z.