Kamp Kawayan Nicole & Jillian 5 facts

With how they’re able to immediately showcase their powerful and versatile vocals during the Blind Auditions of The Voice Teens Philippines Season 3, it wasn’t surprising that not only one, but all of the three coaches pressed their “I want you” buttons and turned their chairs for aspiring teen artists Jillian Pamat and Nicole Olivo.

While each of the coaches can certainly help them further develop their talents in their own ways, both of them chose to be part of Kamp Kawayan and wore the iconic black and white checkered scarf around their necks. As Coach Bamboo picked them to be the ones to advance to the semi-finals, let’s get to know Jillian and Nicole a bit more as they impart five interesting facts about themselves in this feature.

Jillian, who won us over with her soulful rendition of Janine Teñoso’s "Di Na Muli," takes pride in being a Bisaya, as she hails from the beautiful province of Bukidnon. Another thing that she’s proud of is her being a certified kontesera, as she has already joined a number of amateur singing contests and always gave her parents any money that she received as her way of helping with their family’s finances. Besides, she also enthused about being a certified cat lover and owner despite having allergies to felines.

Although she can hit high notes, it seems that Jillian actually cannot reach the bottom of any bodies of water as she cannot swim and recalls that there was an instance when she almost drowned.


Avid OPM supporters surely know that Coach Bamboo is one of the best and most popular OPM artists in the local music scene, not to mention that he’s been performing and producing music for decades now. Thus, Jillian regards him as her ultimate idol and shares how much she loves singing his songs, with “Hallelujah” being her top favorite.

Her fellow three-chair turner and Kamp Kawayan artist Nicole, on the other hand, wowed the three coaches when she belted out Tones and I's "Dance Monkey” during the Blind Auditions, which made them turn almost at the same time a few seconds before her performance ended.

While she amazes us with her vocal prowess, she actually is can be considered well-rounded because of the many things that she can do. First, she is part of their school’s rondalla band wherein she’s one of those who plays the bandurria, a unique Filipino 14-stringed instrument. Besides, she’s also a member of their school’s radio broadcasting organization, in which she’s the scriptwriter and in charge of writing the spiels of their campus news reporters during special academic events.

With how busy she can get at school because of her extracurricular activities, Nicole is impressively able to maintain her good grades and standing at school for she’s a consistent honor student. According to her, she does everything that she can in order to not miss any of her classes and keep up with their lessons, especially since her schedule has become extra hectic because of her The Voice stint.


For sure, a lot of “opacarophiles,” or people who love sunsets and anything about the setting of the sun can relate with her as she divulges how much she loves watching the descending of the sun over the horizon and taking pictures of the well-loved golden moment with her phone.

And lastly, Nicole is also a self-confessed Swiftie, a.k.a. a fervent fan of award-winning American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift. Among the songs that she has released and re-recorded in the past decade, she regards “Long Live” as her top favorite as it speaks to her own experiences in life.

Do these interesting facts about Nicole and Jillian make you root for them even more? Well, show your support for them by watching their next performances in The Voice Teens Philippines Season 3, Saturday and Sunday evenings on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, TV5 and A2Z.