10 most viewed, head-turning Blind Auditions in The Voice of the Philippines history

When aspirants enter The Voice Philippines stage for the first phase of their journey—the Blind Auditions—viewers, especially the coaches, are first left excited yet mystified of the talent they could offer. With their backs against the potential mentee, the coaches would scrutinize and feel the performance, until they decide to turn after hearing that awesome vocal potential they could mold and develop.

Through the years, there were several of these blind auditions that left the coaches and the viewers astonished, and their videos that were uploaded on YouTube have also become immense head-turners as well, among netizens who had since appreciated and applauded them with their massive views. 

As we move on to the Battle Rounds of The Voice Teens Season 2, let’s count down these 10 most watched Blind Audition videos in The Voice of the Philippines history on YouTube (as of this writing):


10. Sophia Ramos (The Voice Teens, Season 1) – 10,847,329 views



Sophia Ramos from Team Sarah sang Stone Cold during her blind audition in The Voice Philippines Teen Edition (Season 1). The 15-year-old, now 18 is a four-chair turner back then.

According to her, being an Asian in a foreign land, she experienced discrimination, but the views on her blind audition video clip proved the contrary.


9. Isabela Vinzon (The Voice Teens, Season 1) -- 11,056,387 views



The daughter of former action star Roi Vinzon, Isabela Vinzon made it to this list as well. She sang “Feeling Good” during her blind audition in The Voice Teens Philippines, still during its first season.

Two of the coaches battled over her--Bamboo and Sharon, but she eventually chose Kamp Kawayan.


8. Jona Soquite (The Voice Teens, Season 1) -- 11,732,691 views



The Voice Teens Season 1 champion is also a four-chair turner during her time. She sang “Anak ng Pasig” for her blind audition.

She was 13 years old at the time when she joined the singing tilt, and it is her 16th contest to boot. She chose Sarah Geronimo to be her coach.


7. Franz Dacanay (The Voice Teens, Season 1) – 12,239,617 views



Franz Dacanay from San Juan City and a member of FAMILEA sang the song “Right Here Waiting” for his blind audition.

Both Sarah and Lea battled to be his coach, but later the lad chose the Broadway Diva to be his coach.


6. Daryl Ong (The Voice of the Philippines, Season 2) – 12,281,773 views



Daryl Ong’s blind audition in the second season for The Voice of the Philippines landed in the list, too. He sang “Paano.”

Three coaches turned for him (Apl.de.ap, Lea, and Sarah) except for Bamboo. He ended up joining Team Apl.


5. Gia Gonzales (The Voice Teens, Season 1) – 12,633,685 views



The four-chair turner Gia Gonzales sang Roses for her blind audition in The Voice Teens Philippines Season 1.

Sharon turned first for her, then Sarah followed. Lea and Bamboo turned at the same time. She chose to join Team Sarah in the end. 


4. Jason James Dy (The Voice of the Philippines, Season 2) – 13,415,603 views



Jason James Dy of The Voice of the Philippines’ second season is in fourth place. He sang “Stay With Me.”

Among the coaches, it was only Bamboo who failed to turn while Sarah, Apl.de.ap, and Lea battled over him. Though only a three-chair turner, he emerged as the grand winner of the singing contest. He was with Team Sarah.


3. Morissette Amon (The Voice of the Philippines, Season 1) – 16,577,925 views



Morissette Amon, better known as Morissette, also auditioned for The Voice of the Philippines’ first season. She sang “Love On Top” during her blind audition. According to the three coaches (Lea, Bamboo, and Apl), she and Sarah are perfect for each other.


2. Mica Becerro (The Voice Teens, Season 1) – 20,106,464 views



The Queen of the Night rendition of Mica Becerro during her blind audition in The Voice Teens (Season 1) wowed all the four coaches. Her choice of song and genre struck the coaches, but it was Lea Salonga, who made a stirring testimony of how important classical technique has saved her life.

Eventually, Becerro chose the original lead of Miss Saigon, to be her coach.


1. Kokoi Baldo (The Voice of the Philippines, Season 2) - 52,790,962 views



But Kokoi Baldo’s piece “One Day” was the most viewed blind audition video in The Voice of the Philippines history. This happened during Season 2 of its Regular Edition.

Sarah and Apl turned almost at the same time first. Lea followed, and Bamboo turned last. However, he chose to be part of Team Sarah. 

These videos truly made an immense first impression on the coaches, viewers and netizens. It solidifies the outstanding platform The Voice of the Philippines offers to aspiring music artists and singers. Who will make their own mark and end up as the biggest winners of The Voice Teens Season 2? Find out in the continuing competition, Saturdays after Paano Kita Mapapasalamatan, and Sundays after Iba Yan on the Kapamilya Channel.