10 most viewed Battle Round videos in The Voice of the Philippines history!

The blind auditions of The Voice Philippines have never failed to take us to a rollercoaster ride of emotions, with the performances of the auditionees and reactions of the mentors both making us either happy or sad.


But the Battle Rounds, as we all know, is definitely a different story as the vibes get more serious and intense, with each artist exerting their best in order to outshine their opponent, who happens to be their teammate, as well as to impress everyone, most importantly their coach.


While those who were forgone in the first seasons completely weren’t given the chance to continue their journeys, it was indeed truly delighting and extra thrilling when the “power to steal” was introduced in the latter season that gave the ones who lost their battles the opportunity to move on to the next rounds.


And now that mentors Apl.de.ap., Bamboo, Lea Salonga, and Sarah Geronimo have finally completed their teams on The Voice Teens Philippines Season 2 and are on their way to the Battle Rounds, here’s a countdown of the most viewed battles in the whole history of The Voice Philippines on its YouTube channel!


10. Chien Berbana vs. Mitoy Yonting of FamiLea, Regular Season 1

Views as of writing: 4,043,163

As both of them astounded us with their powerful vocals in their performance of karaoke staple “Alone” by Heart, Coach Lea Salonga and her brother-slash-adviser Gerard Salonga had a hard time choosing between certified rakistas Mitoy and Chien.  But it was still the veteran band vocalist Mitoy, and the eventual first-ever grand champion of The Voice Philippines franchise, she picked.


9. Bea Muñoz vs. Fritzy Eluna of Kamp Kawayan, Teens Season 1

Views as of writing: 4,758,103

It was definitely impossible to simply let go at least one of these equally gorgeous and talented ladies as they gave us a mind-blowing showdown of the Aerosmith track “Dream On”. Although it was Bea who shone the brightest for the mentors, most importantly to Coach Bamboo, Fritzy’s star continued to glimmer as Coach Sarah Geronimo used her power to “steal” and welcomed her to her team.


8. Daniel Ombao vs. Jason Dy of Team Sarah, Regular Season 2

Views as of writing: 5,343,666

Whose heart wasn’t moved by the heart-rending performance of Daniel and Jason of the Boyz II Men hit “On Bended Knees” during the Battle Rounds of The Voice Season 2 three years ago? However, while both of them made the butterflies in our stomachs flutter, only one should remain and that was Jason for the Popstar Royalty, who later on became the grand champion of the season.


7. Shairah Cervancia vs. Tanya Diaz of Kamp Kawayan, Regular Season 2

Views as of writing: 5,463,638

Blowing our minds with their powerful and versatile vocals, these rock chicks’ performance of the classic OPM rock song “Banal Na Aso” definitely left the coaches stunned. As it was Tanya who Coach Bamboo chose to move forward to the next round, Shaira still didn’t go home with a heavy heart as the three other coaches vied to steal her. But she chose to continue her journey as a part of Team Sarah.


6. Elmerjun Hilario vs. Kokoi Baldo of Team Sarah, Regular Season 2

Views as of writing: 6,234,754

Coach Sarah really did a tough decision as she had to choose who between Kokoi and Elmerjun should still be with her in the next round. Both of them may have impressed us with their take on Mr. Big’s “To Be With You”, but it was Kokoi’s voice that stood out better for the Popstar Royalty. Just as he already accepted his fate, Elmerjun was totally in shock after the three other coaches hit their buttons to indicate that they wanted to steal him. But he opted to go for Kamp Kawayan.


5. Queenie Ugdiman vs. Patricia Luna of Kamp Kawayan, Teens Season 1

Views as of writing: 6,401,181

Their haunting rendition of the Simon & Garfunkel masterpiece “Sound of Silence” completely left everyone in awe, thus, making it hard for Coach Bamboo to pick who’s the most deserving to head on to the knockout rounds. In the end, it was Queenie who he chose to be winner, leaving Patricia up for steal. As the latter had already uttered her farewell speech and left the studio, Coach Lea suddenly hit the red button, signifying her desire to take her to the FamiLEA.


4. Heather Hawkins vs. Jeremy Glinoga of Team Sharon, Teens Season 1

Views as of writing: 6,552,907

Singing the classic OPM lovesong “Sana Maulit Muli” was indeed a challenge for both of them since they weren’t fluent with the Filipino language. Although both of them were able to splendidly pull it off, it was Jeremy who more stood out for the Megastar. Just when everyone thought that we’re going to bid Heather goodbye, Coach Sharon was truly overjoyed as Coach Bamboo stole her beloved protégé.


3. Archie Aguilar vs. Bryan Chong of Team Sarah, Teens Season 1

Views as of writing: 8,886,120

The Popstar Royalty wasn’t able to hold back her tears as these talented dudes serenaded us with their heart-rending rendition of Rick Price’s “Heaven Knows”. Even though both of them did well, it was still Bryan’s performance that connected more to Coach Sarah, thus, making the heart-breaking decision of sending Archie home.


2. Christy Lagapa vs. Mica Becerro of FamiLEA, Teens Season 2

Views as of writing: 8,983,222

Their refreshing and emotive take on Beyonce’s “Ave Maria” definitely lifted our souls and brought us to the heavens. Undeniably, both of them were able to showcase their unique and stirring vocal prowess, but it was still Mica who reigned for the Broadway Diva and became her bet up to the grand finals.


Coach Lea may have to let go of Christy, but the three other coaches strongly expressed their willingness to adopt her to their respective teams. Being the one to turn for her in the Blind Auditions aside from Lea, she chose to be part of Team Sharon.


1. Andrea Badinas vs. Emarjhun de Guzman of Kamp Kawayan, Teens Season 1

Views as of writing: 10,263,431

With how intense and heartfelt their rendition of Tori Kelly’s “Hallelujah” was, not to mention being among the top fan favorites, it’s not surprising that their showdown garnered the highest number of views on YouTube. Although both of them were able to showcase their respective personalities and vocal prowess, it was Emarjhun who captivated Coach Bamboo more. As he let go of Andrea, Coach Sarah immediately came to her rescue and took her to her team.


Who among the current teen artists will conquer the Battle Rounds and will have the chance to more forward to the next rounds? Let’s find out by not missing an episode of The Voice Teens Philippines Season 2, weekend nights on Kapamilya Channel!