Cyd Pangca’s inspiring comeback run to The Voice Kids 4 Grand Finals

They say rejections should not stop you from pursuing what you want, and more importantly, what you love. In this case, it’s an 11-year-old’s dream of being successful in the music industry. The first time Cyd Pangca, now the representative of FamiLea for The Voice Kids Season 4 Grand Finals, tried his luck in the show, he only reached the Battle Rounds. But with so much talent and perseverance, he made it this time to the Grand Finals and will be going up against Kamp Kawayan's Carmelle Collado and Team Sarah’s Vanjoss Bayaban.

Let’s reminisce quickly how Cyd reached Grand Finals of The Voice Kids 4:



All three judges turned their chairs for Cyd who did a great rendition of “Pangarap na Bituin.” Coach Bamboo, the first who hit his buzzer for Cyd, was even kind of surprised that whom they were listening to was actually a boy. Coach Lea brought back the moment when Cyd first joined The Voice Kids and said that during that time, it was Coach Sharon who only turned her chair for him, and now it’s all of them.

When Coach Lea asked why he decided to audition again, Cyd told them he was actually bullied when he did not make it during his first try. And the reason why he had the guts to try again this time is that he wanted to give inspiration to kids who have dreams in pursuing a career in the music industry to never stop. Coach Sarah definitely admired the fighting spirit of Cyd and said that that is what makes him special. But in the end, Cyd chose to be part of the FamiLea.



Cyd battled with the two other talented young artists from FamiLea, the “Saranggola Boy Wonder of Mindoro“ Steph and the “Konteserang Mommy’s Girl of Olongapo” BJ. They all performed an inspiring cover of “Brave.” Coach Lea was really very happy with their performance.

Meanwhile, Coach Bamboo enjoyed their number as well and according to him, each of them has strong points vocally speaking but he voted BJ for this round. On the other hand, Coach Sarah thought they all had different attacks towards the song, but in her opinion, Cyd hit the notes accurately and clearly that is why she chose him for this round. Finally, Coach Lea herself pinpointed the things she noticed from the three during the performance and she commended Cyd for being more confident in this round. But in the end, Coach Lea chose Cyd not only because of his great talent in singing, but more importantly because he always puts his heart in every performance.



Cyd once again amazed the judges, especially Coach Lea with how he’s got the heart in performing Adele’s “When We Were Young.” Cyd even got emotional after his performance because according to him, it’s his mom’s favorite song.

Coach Bamboo said he showed some different levels in his own rendition of the song, adding that it felt real to him. “Tinamaan ako sa kanta niya eh,” Coach Sarah said. She admitted her favorite part of Cyd’s performance was how he started it. Finally Coach Lea had her comments said for Cyd. Coach Lea thought the connection Cyd has to the song is whole.



Cyd’s family was present as usual in the semifinals round and stood proud while giving applause to his performance. He sang well his own rendition of the song “You Will Be Found,” which Coach Lea chose because the life experiences of Cyd relate well to the meaning of the song.

The moment Coach Lea was about to choose the one who will take his/her talents to the last stage of the competition, she said that she will be choosing this kid because he/she is the greatest representative of the Familea – the one is not only smart in singing, but also the one whose heart overpowers all in every performance. And that was none other than the Bukidnon representative, Cyd Pangca.

Will Cyd’s inspiring comeback would ultimately lead to his being named the The Voice Kids 4 Grand Champion? Watch The Final Showdown starting on Saturday, November 2.