How The Voice Kids coaches surprised us this season

As we go into the homestretch of The Voice Kids Season 3, with the Grand Finals on Saturday, it is quite but fitting to look back at this magnificent yet fun-filled season.

No, it’s not showcasing the immense talent our contestants have shown—a glittering array we’ve witnessed time and again. But now, let’s focus our attention to the show’s splendid coaches, who all rocked our weekend viewing with their awesome inputs and teachings that truly eked out the best from our magnificent kids.

Of course we all know Lea Salonga, Bamboo Manalac, and Sharon Cuneta, whose brilliance and mastery of the craft are bar-none and all at the top of our minds. But what made this season really interesting was the fact that they all showed traits uncharacteristic of them; those out of character moments that shocked and amused us. And because of these, audiences were all the more thrilled to experience and comprehend not only their expertise but also their being human and relatable.

Coach Lea is so pang-masa!

Which is totally a captivating thing! Really now, the Tony Award winning, world-renowned Filipina stage performer and singer has truly reengaged with the mass of people she represents. And this becomes really evident when she tickles the fancy of viewers with her once kilig movie love team with Aga Muhlach, as she reminds everyone in this clip.


And her version of a supposed nursery rhyme about ducks.


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