‘The Voice Kids’ Young Artists Sing The Songs of the Coaches

Every season of “The Voice Kids”, we get to witness talented young kids showcase their extraordinary talent in singing from the Blind Auditions all the way to the Live Shows. Before the vocal showdown of the Top 3 young artists tonight in the Live Finals, let us look back at some of the performances of the other young artists this season singing the songs of the coaches.

Coach Lea’s “Lupa Man Ay Langit Na Rin”

Saisha Rae Masirag from Parañaque sang “Lupa Man Ay Langit Na Rin”, the single of Coach Lea Salonga from her 1981 album “Small Voice”, during the Blind Auditions. She immediately impressed the Broadway Diva who immediately turned within the first few seconds of her performance. It took a while before Coach Bamboo and Coach Sharon turned. Saisha still received a three-chair turn from the coaches, who all stood up and jumped for joy with her.

Coach Lea complimented her performance and said “Ang nagustuhan ko ang taste mo sa pagkanta. Hindi birit, malinis, ang sarap mo lang pakinggan.” The other two coaches also gave their positive comments. “Alam mo ba kung kaninong kanta ‘yan?” Coach Lea then asked Saisha. She replied “Opo.” “Kanino?” Coach Lea asked again. “Si Coach Lea po.” The Broadway Diva then stood up and exclaimed “Thank you!”. She then added “Dahil isang kanta ni Coach Lea ang pinili mo, which is why umikot ako agad-agad, sana ‘yung team ni Coach Lea din ang piliin mo.” The other two coaches also tried convincing her to join their team.

After hearing all the pleas of the coaches, Saisha still picked her idol Broadway Diva Lea Salonga to be her coach.

Coach Bamboo’s “Hallelujah”

Miguel Suarez from Antipolo performed “Hallelujah”, the hit song of Coach Bamboo from his 2005 album “Light Peace Love”, during the Blind Auditions. The coaches immediately recognized the music that was playing. Coach Lea was the first one to turn and Coach Sharon followed her after a while. Eventually, Coach Bamboo decided to hit the red button as well. Miguel received a three-chair turn as well from the coaches.

After the performance, the Rock Icon thanked Miguel’s father “Thank you for choosing that song. It’s a song of hope and it’s a big part of what I do and what I am.”. Coach Lea then tried to plead her case to the young artist. Coach Bamboo then added “Ako lang, huli akong pumindot kasi may critical ako kasi of course kinakanta ko ‘yun eh.” and tried to convince the young artist to join his team instead.

In the end, Miguel chose Rock Icon Bamboo to be his coach for the competition.

Coach Sharon’s “Ikaw”

Aradel Bascruz from Laguna sang “Ikaw”, the iconic single of Coach Sharon from her 1993 album “Si Sharon At Si Canseco”, during the Blind Auditions. When the music was played, Coach Lea right away looked at the Megastar. However, it was Coach Bamboo who first turned as Coach Lea and Coach Sharon, who both had versions of the song, listened intently to the young artist’s rendition. Right before the song ended, Coach Sharon decided to turn for her as well.

After Coach Lea gave her reason for not turning, Coach Bamboo started to plead his case. The Megastar then praised and convinced Aradel to join her team “Umpisa pa lang, iikot na ako, sinuspense lang kita. Parang kahit tulog ako, makakanta ko ‘yan. Hindi lang ‘yan, napakarami ko pang awit na pwedeng ituro sa ‘yo. Pwede mong maperpekto ang awit na ‘yan na mas sigurado maganda sa version ko ‘pag ako ang nagcoach sa ‘yo. Mas gugustuhin ko ‘yun.”. She then poked fun at Coach Bamboo for being a “wersh-wersh” coach.

When it was time to choose, Aradel picked the Megastar Sharon Cuneta to be her coach.

Unfortunately, Saisha, Miguel and Aradel were all eliminated during the Battles round of the competition. Now, only three young artists remain: Team Sharon’s Antonetthe, Kamp Kawayan’s Justin and FamiLEA’s Joshua.

Who among the Top 3 young artists will follow the footsteps of Lyca Gairanod and Elha Nympha and be the next “The Voice Kids” Grand Champion?

Don’t miss the ultimate vocal showdown in “The Voice Kids” Season 3 Live Finals tonight, Saturday, after “Home Sweetie Home” and tomorrow, Sunday, after “Wansapanataym” only on ABS-CBN Yes Weekend.