Zoe Quizol turns chair for Coach KZ as she chooses to be part of Team Supreme

We seldom see our coaches get emotional, right? But in a latest episode of The Voice Kids Season 5, we witnessed how Coach KZ Tandingan wasn’t able to contain her emotions because of contestant Zoe Quizol and her beloved dad.

The 10-year-old aspiring singer from Quezon City said that she was just two years old when they discovered that she could actually carry a tune through singing nursery rhymes over and over again. When she was around 5 or 6, her Tatay Ebenezer had her trained by his friend who’s a vocal coach, which she really enjoyed. They also have a chance to sing together at their church.

Although she’s a kid, Zoe is actually fond of singing musical and classical songs more, unlike other people her age. Aside from singing, she also loves cats, which makes her a fur parent of one at present.

Half-nervous and half-excited, she hit the stage with the Sylvia La Torre kundiman “Ano Kaya Ang Kapalaran,” which made Bamboo turn a few seconds into her performance, followed by KZ Tandingan and Martin Nievera – making her a three-chair turner.

As Zoe and her beloved tatay sang a duet of Moira Dela Torre’s “Ikaw At Ako” as per the coaches’ request, the Asia’s Soul Supreme wasn’t able to hold her emotions as they reminded her of her own journey with her father.

According to KZ, the scene brought her back to the times when her father would sing with her in order to encourage her to perform with other musicians. Even though he was a good singer, being in the province hindered him from pursuing his dreams since “being a singer isn’t really considered a career that could feed your family.”

She narrated, “When he saw me at three years old, singing, he knew that I was special sabi niya. So when I saw them singing, naalala ko lang na my dad would always sing with me just so I would have that courage to reach for my dreams. So, every time he performs for me, I know it makes him happy. But at the back of my mind, I also know na it hurts him a little bit because he’s always reminded of the dream that he gave up for me and my family.

Having experienced how it is to have a supportive father, Coach KZ told Zoe how blessed she is to have a dad who’s always there by her side throughout her journey.

Since she’s a three-chair turner, the Concert King came up with the idea of having her choose which team she would want to be in by letting her sit at the red chair of her chosen coach, while the three of them sat onstage.

In the end, it was Coach KZ who she chose because she knows that she could help her go through her journey in this competition, as well as in singing and doing her best.

Seeing Zoe sit on her chair and turn it made KZ kind of emotional anew, as well as when she met Daddy Ebenezer backstage upon sending his daughter back to him. Daddy Ebenezer also wasn’t able to contain his tears of joy as he expressed how proud he is of her.

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