The Voice Kids Season 5 Renzo Niez

Despite his small frame, 11-year-old The Voice Kids Season 5 artist Renzo Niez from Casiguran, Aurora truly astounded us with the terrific vocal talent that he got when he lulled with his stirring rendition of the classic Bisaya song “Usahay” during the Blind Audition.

According to him, he started singing when he was only five years old, and has been joining various singing contests at their barangay since then. His ultimate idol is Michael Jackson, whose signature moonwalk he could mimic after learning it on his own by scrupulously watching videos on YouTube.

Apart showing off his singing skills, he joined The Voice Kids to also help his parents and to have their humble abode repaired. Thus, he promised her mother Marietta Niez that he would do everything he could to make it possible.

His soulful version of “Usahay” indeed rend our hearts, especially coaches KZ Tandingan and Bamboo who both turned for him at the same time last minute.

In his The Voice Kids DigiTV interview together with his father Fausto, Renzo once again demonstrated his Michael Jackson dance skills, to which host Jeremy G got so envious and requested for him to personally teach him. 

As singing a Bisaya song so well made the coaches assume that he’s adept with the language, too, Renzo actually wasn’t able to understand at least a single Bisaya word that KZ uttered, since it was his Papa who’s the real Bisaya. And after watching his impressive performance, his father felt extremely happy, excited, and happy for him. 

When asked what he feels now that he’s part of KZ’s Team Supreme, Renzo conveyed how happy he is and how he looks forward on learning new techniques in singing from her, such as with regards to controlling his low and high notes. And for the upcoming Battle Rounds, he simply vowed to do his best.  

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