Rai Fernandez reveals challenges during Battles rehearsals

Despite being the only thorn among the roses – or the cheese sandwiched between two towering breads, as how Coach Martin Nievera put it – Rai Fernandez was still the one who dominated in one of the Battle Rounds of The Voice Kids Season 5.

He may be small, but he showed how terrific he could be when pitted against his fellow “Birit Babies” of MarTeam Jade Casildo and Camille Mataga as they performed the OPM classic “Dahil Tanging Ikaw” by Asia’s Queen of Soul Jaya. Amazed by the powerful vocals he exhibited during their showdown, the Concert King opted for the “Kiddie Kontesero.”

In his The Voice Kids DigiTV interview, the 12-year-old artist from Camarines Sur confessed to hosts Jeremy G and Elha Nympha that he might have appeared not struggling during their performance, but he was actually having difficulty in keeping up with his two female groupmates when it comes to prolonging and hitting the high notes. And whenever he’s having a hard time, he just thought of his family, who is his main source of inspiration.

Rai then talked about working with Coach Martin, imparting that they actually seemed like a family as they would have tawanan and kulitan moments with him in between their rehearsals. The Concert King also treated them to sumptuous meals outside.

Now that he’s moving towards the Sing-Offs, he has nothing but joy and gratitude. Since Jade and Camille also did great during their performance, Rai disclosed that he actually didn’t expect that their coach would pick him. Stepping onstage could be really nerve-wracking, but he just motivated himself and drew inspiration from his family. He also told his two groupmates to not lose hope and to keep on fighting for their dreams.

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