Honey Centeno confesses having a hard time with blending, adlibs during Battles

All of them may have exerted their bests during the emotional Battle Rounds, but being the one to manage her nerves and to connect to Coach KZ Tandingan the most in their performance made Honey Centeno one of Team Supreme’s representative for the next level of The Voice Kids Season 5.

The Asia’s Soul Supreme wasn’t able to help herself from getting emotional when had to make the difficult decision on who among Honey, Renzo Niez, and Summer Pulido she would send to the Sing-Offs since aside from delivering astounding versions of Sugarfree’s popular hit “Makita Kang Muli,” each of them already holds a special place in her heart. But in the end, it was the “Viral Video Sister” from Binangonan, Rizal who she picked.

In her The Voice Kids DigiTV guesting, the six-year-old belter commended KZ for being an amazing mentor, who didn’t only train them, but also bonded with them. And one of her pieces of advice that she truly kept in mind was for her to just focus her sight to the coaches in front of her.

It might not have appeared that she had any difficulty during their performance, but Honey confessed that she and her groupmates actually had a hard time with their harmonization and adlibs. Albeit, the three of them were still able to nail it. She was also nervous as they stepped on the stage, so she just prayed.

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