Akiesha Singh discloses bad singing habits Coach Bamboo told her to eliminate

Being the one to make Coach Bamboo relaxed the most during her and groupmates Ma. Christina Aguilar and Girah Paguirigan’s heartwarming and laidback version of Soul Siren Nina’s “Someday” –despite it being a heartbreak song – in the Battle Rounds, it was Akiesha Singh who the OPM Rock Royalty picked to be one of the representatives of Kamp Kawayan in the Sing-Offs of The Voice Kids Season 5

In her latest appearance on The Voice Kids DigiTV, the 12-year-old young artist related how she really enjoyed their rehearsals. She told hosts Jeremy G and Elha Nympha, “Fun po ‘yong rehearsals po namin, especially kasama ko po sina Christina at si Girah po. And I learned a lot from Coach Bamboo.”

Akiesha went on to share that she got surprised by their grouping since aside from being equally good as hers, they have relatively high voice range, too, which got her really nervous. But being mentored by their coach apparently made her more confident as she’s able to acquire tips and new knowledge from him that she applied onto her performance.

As Elha mentioned that “Someday” is among the hardest songs to sing for her because it requires different placements, the Filipina-Indian stunner agreed to it. According to her, she experienced difficulty at the ending since she had to focus on her part while her two groupmates are singing theirs as well. She also had to do a number of shifts in her voice, just like what Elha stated.

When it comes to the performance, the “Indian-Pinay Sweetheart” said that she had to study the lyrics well in order for her to fully understand the meaning of the song and deliver a compelling rendition. Apart from that, she also kept in mind Coach Bamboo’s reminders to her, with regards to her habits of taking the mic away from her mouth and having excessive vibratos. Elha could relate to the latter, since it was actually her same problem then during her The Voice Kids Season 2 stint, which Coach Bamboo also told her to remove.

She capped off her interview by expressing her gratitude to Christina and Girah for being her friends in the competition and for all the memories and learnings that they’d shared together.

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