5 Lessons on Love from ‘The Story of Us’

Before “The Story of Us” ends its last chapter, let us look back at the beautiful love story of Tin (Kim Chiu) and Macoy (Xian Lim) and the lessons on love we learned from them.

1. Love is self-sacrifice.

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Even though dangerous, young Macoy risked his own life to save young Tin from drowning. He showed us that love is the willingness to sacrifice one’s safety to help those who are in need of help.

2. Love is being the shoulder to cry and lean on.

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When Tin was forced by her mom to stop studying, she was so devastated and she needed someone to talk to, and Macoy was there for her. He proved that love is being there and staying not only during the good times, but more importantly during the bad ones.

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