REVIEW: The Story of Us finale shows what love truly is

Part ways

REVIEW The Story of Us finale shows what love truly is 1

Yet, as both Macoy and Tin face each other once more as the breathtaking and romantic backdrop of the heavenly island in their midst, they both still had to let go and focus on what was needed to be done. As Macoy said, he still had both Lucia and Tin in his heart, and that would be utterly unfair if he would simply drop everything and have his childhood love fully come back to his life. The expert hairdresser, on the other hand, also had to discover and attain more for herself—something she can only accomplish going back to New York with her mom Myra (Zsa Zsa Padilla).

But even as both part ways in the near end, their love still remained and conquered all. And as they indeed set themselves free from each other for two years, they came back to each other’s arms and proved to themselves and to everyone that they indeed were meant for each other. And, they revel and rejoice on the same El Nido beach they had shared their love all their life, with Tin’s baby bump showing and Macoy too happy and contented knowing that the story of their love will go on forever.

REVIEW The Story of Us finale shows what love truly is 2

The story is uplifting and moving, especially to those who see love as uncertain. It gives a wonderful notion that love that was meant to be will have no borders, no predicaments, no hurdles to make it work and last forever. 

Impeccable form

How the show’s creative team and production, led by director Cathy Garcia-Molina and Star Creatives, brought the story in its impeccable form is also noteworthy and admirable, as they craft each scene with unsullied depiction, even if both Macoy and Tin were speechless in expressing their true love for one another. Kim and Xian truly went a step further in their acting and gave a genuine and riveting performance as lovers who went through terrible suffering and yet finding solace in each other in the end.

Shaina is commended for her portrayal of the lovestruck Lucia, whose candor and genuine love for Macoy had been truly felt by all who watched, even feeling for her painful loss in the end.

And, in the end, we truly understood and comprehended Macoy and Tin showing their story as not merely a tale of two lovers, but more importantly how true love triumphs against all odds. 

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