5 Lessons on Love from ‘The Story of Us’
3. Love is knowing when to say sorry.


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In the middle of a severe flood, Macoy and Tin were able to settle their differences by admitting their own mistakes and apologizing to each other. This proves that in a relationship, there will be a lot of misunderstandings, but we should all learn to say sorry for our shortcomings and to forgive as well.

4. Love is selfless.

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Even though it was not easy for him, Macoy gave his full support to Tin to go and fly to the United States of America since it has always been her dream, showing us that love is thinking of other people’s dreams and welfare first before our own.

5. Love knows no distance.

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Despite the long distance, Macoy and Tin were able to maintain their relationship and even celebrate their anniversary with the help of video chat, showing us that a long distance relationship can work. It is not easy but it is possible when two people make an effort because of their love for each other.

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