Angel cautious in catfight scenes makes sure Maja won’t get hurt

Viewers have witnessed the array of roles Angel Locsin can brilliantly portray onscreen. From mythical creatures to superheroes, and of course action thrillers and heavy melodramas, that kept us mesmerized.

But when we first saw her in The Legal Wife in 2014, we witnessed a different side of Angel we have never seen before- driven, intense, and powerful in portraying a relatable and resonating betrayed wife fighting for principle and dignity, mostly in fierce furor.

This was particularly evident in her character Monica’s many confrontation scenes with Maja Salvador’s Nicole that sent the online world into a frenzy, with netizens discussing each episode with immense fervor.

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In this video, Angel vividly recalled those times those catfights with Maja were shot, and she shared she honestly did not want to do those scenes since, Angel said, she was being very mindful of the possibility that her co-star will get hurt.

Moreover, she also wanted to avoid issues that such catfights were becoming too realistic. Angel also revealed that when the director insisted pushing through with the scene, she would discuss this with Maja thoroughly.  And when they would continue the scene together, Angel would make sure she and Maja both know where the blocking is, how many slaps they are tasked to do, and so on.

In preparing for those intense scenes, Angel disclosed that for Maja’s safety she would cut her nails and advised her to remove her hair extensions to avoid pain. She said she would always pray before the take. Maja, she noted, was always game and cooperative in executing those very physical scenes, which turned out to be very successful and memorable.

Angel also expressed how grateful she is to the viewers who continuously showed support for the series. Despite its late time slot during its original run, Angel added, people still lent their time to watch the series.

What Angel also realized was the fact that the viewers could really relate to the story of The Legal Wife. She knew many people have the same experience and in the same situations Monica faced. The show served as an outlet for these victims of infidelity, who could not defend themselves or even show disgust, at the very least, towards their partner’s unfaithfulness.

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