Unforeseen, horrifying deaths we’ve witnessed on The Killer Bride

Throughout The Killer Bride’s five months on-air, the well-loved and highly talked about series has never failed to send chill down our spines via the nerve-wracking and heart-pounding scenes and mind-boggling twists it relentlessly delivered in every episode.

However, what arguably left us up all night are the horrifying deaths we’ve witnessed that either surprised us for we absolutely didn’t see death coming for those characters, or shocked us because of how some of them were brutally murdered.

For sure many of us doesn’t want to revisit those gruesome scenes again, but can we do it once last time since the The Killer Bride is on its finale week?



Through the years that we’ve been watching series or movies, we’ve gone accustomed that protagonists don’t die. But not in this one-of-a-kind RCD Narratives production that has never been afraid to break the norms in order to give us a truly gripping, quality teleserye.

As our feisty heroine Camila (Maja Salvador) came to Elias’ (Joshua Garcia) rescue before Agnes (Mara Lopez) could pull the trigger at him, she was able to fatally shoot Agnes twice. Unfortunately, Agnes was still conscious then, thus she’s able to get back at Camila, who was then arguing with Elias, and hit her in the abdomen.

While Elias fled to call for help, Camila was left lying on the grassy ground with her Aunt Alice, who was actually the ‘killer groom’, torturing her physically and emotionally by stepping on her wound and telling her that Vida is still alive.

Just when we thought that Camila would still be able to survive after Alice shot her at the chest since she’s the protagonist, the creators proved us wrong as the next time we saw her, she’s already a ghost who was also horrified to see her lifeless body and being mourned by Vito (Geoff Eigenmann) and Emma (Janella Salvador).



Another death that arguably blew our minds was that of Fabio’s, since everyone was expecting him and Camila to have a happily ever after. But Alice didn’t let that happen as she awfully tortured him by engraving Camila’s name across his chest and fatally stabbing him. He still fought for his life with the little energy left in him by trying to snatch the weapon from Alice, but a speeding car unfortunately hit them which caused his death.



She’s arguably one of the most shocking plot twists of this highly unpredictable narrative. With the timid persona that Agnes brandished, we were all appalled when she was unraveled to be the real notorious ‘killer bride’ who spread terror in the once-peaceful town of Las Espadas. Besides, she was also revealed to be an accomplice of Luciano and his paramour Alice.

Her loyalty to the illicit lovers almost delivered her to her demise as she got severely wounded by Camila through gunshots in their last encounter after nearly shooting Elias. She may be able to survive with the help of Alice, but the treacherous Agnes failed to escape from the vengeful ghost of Camila who haunted her to death while she was alone and maim at her hideout.



Being among the most terrible villains in The Killer Bride, for sure many of us didn’t expect that Luciano (Cris Villanueva) would be gone too soon. Thus, many of us were probably surprised when he got killed by Fabio, who was then helping Camila in exacting revenge against those people who made her life a living hell.

It happened during their last encounter when Luciano was trying to escape yet Fabio was able to trace them and his henchmen and singlehandedly gunned them down. The former attempted to trick the latter through his words when his gun ran out of bullets, but Fabio was sane and infuriated enough to instantly shoot him thrice which caused his death.



After so many years of being presumed dead along with their other family members on the night they were murdered, we were all shocked to see Matias (Manuel Chua) very much alive. His reappearance somehow brought a glimmer of hope that justice would be finally served to Camila since he already admitted being the real culprit behind Javier’s (Dominic Ochoa) murder and that Elias still had a remaining family, but it was only short-lived after Agnes gunned him down when he attempted to help Camila.



Just when we thought that she’s completely loyal to the Dela Torres for being the most trusted right-hand of their matriarch Doña Guada (Aurora Sevilla), we were staggered to find out that Ornusa (Vivieka Ravanes) was actually an accomplice of Camila who’s tasked to keep an eye on both her family and Emma.

And one morning, she was found lifeless along the sidewalk with her mouth stitched. A flashback of what happened prior to the discovery of her corpse exposed that she and her client Mrs. Chiong were murdered by a mystery killer.



As he agreed to conspire with Camila (who’s identity was still unknown to him then) in her pursuit of hindering her Juan Felipe (James Blanco) from continuously committing wrongful acts, Ivan’s (Angelo Patrimonio) life, unfortunately, was put in danger.

After meeting up with Camila, whose face he failed to recognize, to hand her an envelope containing the evidences of the death of the slain video editor Marvin Cruz (Kokoy De Santos) who the ‘respected’ mayor used as a scapegoat amid the leakage of his scandalous video, Ivan frantically ran away upon sensing that there’s someone lurking behind him.

Camila tried to chase him, but he was nowhere to be found. Unbeknownst to her, he got trapped in a chamber wherein he woke up the next day and had a face-to-face encounter with the ‘killer bride’. It made him wear her costume and let Ivan roam around the town in broad daylight, causing terror to the residents. Frightened for their lives and fueled by their wrath over the death of their loved ones who were victims of the ‘killer bride’, the townsfolks, including Luna’s (Alexa Ilacad) friends, ganged up on him only to find out that it was actually Ivan when Elias removed the veil.

Due to the severe trauma and injury that he got, Ivan wasn’t able to survive.



The first blood to be drawn in this truly mind-twisting and heart-pounding narrative, Javier’s mysterious demise was indeed the root cause of it all. With Camila being the first one to be accused as his murderer, it was later on revealed that it was actually Luciano, through one of his trusted henchmen Matias, who’s the real culprit.  



Even though Rico did not have something to do with the fiasco, the mere fact that he’s one of Camila’s secret spies was apparently enough reason for the ‘killer groom’ to murder him. From bumping him while he was on his motorcycle that caused him to lose his balance and fall on the ground, the criminal obviously didn’t get satisfied as she even kicked Rico hard on the head that made him lost his consciousness and ran him over with her car afterwards.

Other deaths

Throughout the five month-run of the The Killer Bride, there wasn’t only a single ‘killer bride’ that surfaced, making us all boggled about the true identity of the most dreaded character on primetime. Regardless, all of them absolutely sent chills down our spines as they ruthlessly murdered other people from Las Espadas, including one the spies Camila planted in the Dela Torre mansion who she already sent out of the town and one of Luna’s barkada who figured in a skirmish with one of the ‘killer brides’ before his harrowing death.

Whose death appalled you the most? Are we going to witness another horrific demise in the remaining episodes of The Killer Bride? Well, that’s for us to find out by not missing a single episode!