REVIEW: The Killer Bride takes last bow with captivating, stunning “Killer Finale”

Questions have been answered and the town of Las Espadas is now at peace, with Camila’s (Maja Salvador) search for justice fulfilled and the daughter she thought was gone forever was actually there all along.

On the “Killer Finale” last Friday, January 17, we witnessed superbly powerful dramatic performances from the entire cast as the tale led to the one climactic scene, wherein the truth was unraveled to provide a fitting ending to the gripping gothic romance drama.

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As Emma (Janella Salvador) appealed to Camila’s ghost to stop using her as a medium for her reign of terror in Las Espadas, she told her she always known her not as a fearful and hideous being but as a loving and caring adoptive mother.

Vito (Geoff Eigenmann) will soon arrive and also sense Camila’s spirit, and revealed a fact that brought everyone to tears- Emma was actually their daughter Vida.

Camila’s spirit was so overwhelmed by the revelation, and Emma showed both shock and delight as she heard the news. It confirmed what she felt all along about her bond with Camila, even if she thought she was merely a foster parent. She was really her biological mother.

With this, Camila apologized to Emma for all her misgivings, including using her for her revenge. Emma told her she has nothing to apologize and that she can now be at peace. 

As Camila’s ghost disappeared, Alice (Lara Quigaman) would emerge to continue her murderous ways. She tried to kill Emma but Vito was there to get in the line of fire and was wounded. And before Alice would pull the trigger again, one unexpected person ended “The Killer Groom’s” rampage- her son Luis (Sam Concepcion), who shot her to death.

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The gloom and the fear in Las Espadas would now turn to hope and joy, as Emma became part of a family she long wished for as peace prevailed in the town when the dark past about the De La Cuesta and De La Torre families that led to the supposed curse were proven to be false.

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But what’s even more endearing was to have Emma finding her happiness and “forever” in Elias (Joshua Garcia), who she thanked for not leaving her throughout the dark episodes of her life. Their first kiss as a pair in what was seen as the episode’s most memorable and viral moment was emphatic and passionate at the end, with the ghosts of Camila and Fabio (Miko Raval) watching nearby.

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In the finale, Maja Salvador again displayed her outstanding craft as an actress, who continues to fascinate us with her breathtaking and powerful portrayal as Camila, both expressing genuine human emotion while depicting an otherworldly spirit. 

Janella Salvador remains as the real revelation of the series, playing the pivotal role that brings together the entire narrative. She delivered well in personifying the complex character, meeting the thespic demands with her unquestionable skill and artistry.

Lara Quigaman proved her versatility as an actress with her first major antagonist role and she truly showed her worth, as with Joshua Garcia, whose acting prowess and electrifying chemistry with Janella was a big factor in the show’s success. Special mention likewise to the show’s breakthrough star Miko Raval, whose appearance at the end as Fabio reuniting with Camila watching over Emma and Elias was simply unforgettable.

The production was first-rate from the conceptualization and creation of the interesting narrative to the execution of the actual scenes, under the masterful direction of Dado Lomibao. 

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