PAANDAR 2019: The most shocking revelations that got us hooked on The Killer Bride

When its first teaser was released, The Killer Bride already captured everyone’s attention. By the time its full trailer went on air, it has enticed every single viewer and immediately became the talk of town. Having a compelling kind of story outline, everyone felt the thrill to have the show in ABS-CBN’s primetime block. Finally, when the show started last August 12, it has proven that the show was indeed worth the wait. During its pilot week, everyone knew that The Killer Bride isn’t just your typical teleserye.

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Each night, the show never failed to keep us excited with what’s going to happen next. Just when we thought that we already figured it all out, it keeps on surprising us and proves how unpredictable the show could be.

Before this year ends, let us look back on the most outrageous revelations that made The Killer Bride one of the most sensational teleseryes of 2019.

1. Camila Dela Torre is alive.

From its trailers up to its first few weeks, the show made us all believe that Camila (Maja Salvador) is already dead and Emma (Janella Salvador) was just being possessed by the former’s spirit. This was until the creators dropped the bomb last August, exposing that Camila is actually alive. She was working with Emma the whole time to unveil the truth about Camila’s tragic past and to avenge against the culprit behind the crime that put her in her plight then.

2. Tatiana Dela Torre was raped and has fertility issues.

Behind her fierce and sassy personality, it was revealed that Tatiana (Ariella Arida) had a traumatic past, which still haunted her up to the present. She got pregnant at age 17 and everyone thought that she willingly let that happen. But the truth was, Tatiana was raped and had an abortion to save their family from public humiliation. Tatiana did not let anyone know that she was raped because Justino blackmailed her. Thus, when she saw Justino setting his eyes towards Emma (Janella Salvador) during the town’s prestigious ball, she planned to secretly record Emma being raped, so she could retaliate against him.

3. Juan Felipe Dela Torre has a different sexual preference and has psychotic tendencies.

Far from his good and manly image as the respected mayor of Las Espadas, Juan Felipe (James Blanco) was actually a homosexual and is having an affair with his assistant named Ivan (Angelo Patrimonio). During a press conference, his secret deepest, darkest secret got discovered through a viral video that was sent to all, making everyone in Las Espadas become aware of it, including his wife Alice (Precious Lara Quigaman) and son Luis (Sam Concepcion).

4. Juan Felipe Dela Torre is a killer.

Executing a planned defense against Juan Felipe, Emma drugged him when he attacked her and everyone at the Dako Paroon Funeral Services. After everyone escaped, Fabio (Miko Raval) kidnapped Juan Felipe and brought him to Camila for an interrogation. With the help of the drug that was injected to him, Camila managed to make Juan Felipe unravel his crimes. He confessed that he was the one responsible for the deaths of two people he used to cover up his lies.

5. Luciano Dela Torre is responsible for Emma’s abduction.

Ever since Emma stepped her foot at the Dela Torre mansion, it had been clear how much Luciano wanted to get rid of her. So, after Emma managed to run away from being victimized by Tatiana’s set up at the Las Espadas prestigious ball, it was revealed that Luciano abducted her and took her inside a cave. Luciano had an accomplice dressing as “the killer bride”, who was later unveiled to be Agnes (Mara Lopez), one of Camila’s old friends. Wanting to get some information from Emma, they drugged her and she got hallucinated several times until she managed to get out of the cave.

6. Vito Dela Cuesta discovered that Camila is alive.

Despite being revealed to us that Camila was alive all along, everyone in the story did not know it yet. And among them, it was Vito (Geoff Eigenmann) who was the one to first know about the secret. Being suspicious on the identity of their family driver named Edmundo (Fabio), Vito held him captive at a secluded place. When Camila arrived to rescue Fabio (Miko Raval), she and Vito came face-to-face.

7. Luciano killed Javier Dela Cuesta and framed Camila for it.

With the help of Emma, Fabio, and Vito, Camila finally figured out that Luciano was the real culprit responsible for killing Vito’s brother Javier Dela Cuesta (Dominic Ochoa) during her wedding day and the one who framed her for it. Luciano himself confessed everything to Camila as they faced each other, both armed with guns.

8. Luciano was responsible for the arson at the jail where Camila was imprisoned.

Apart from framing Camila for Javier’s murder, Luciano was also the one to blame for the arson that occurred inside the jail where Camila was imprisoned before. The said jail fire almost killed Camila, and made her lose her daughter with Vito, whom they named as Vida.

9. Luciano killed Camila’s father.

A flashback shows a young Luciano eavesdropping on Jacobo’s (Eddie Gutierrez) conversation with a business partner. It is established that Luciano had only one desire which is to get a hold of the Dela Torre Brand International. However, even his own father belittled his abilities. Jacobo had only eyes for Renato, thinking the latter is more capable of running the business. This planted the seeds of envy and hatred in Luciano’s heart.

Another chain of flashback sequences roll. A young Camila is escorted by Manay Ichu (Malou de Guzman) at the Dela Torre plantation as they play hide-and-seek with Renato. But, before Camila comes across her father, Luciano slays Renato in the most devious and treacherous way- by embracing him first and covering his mouth with poisoned handkerchief afterwards.

10. Camila revealed herself to the townspeople of Las Espadas.

After knowing that Luciano has put everyone in Las Espadas in danger, Camila rushed to save them. Despite having second thoughts, knowing that this could make her life more complicated than ever, she followed her compassionate heart and took the risk. Thus, revealing the truth to everyone.

11. Vida is alive.

For many years, Camila had let herself be filled with bitterness and anger. More than experiencing injustice and almost getting killed, it was losing her daughter that she has mourned for in such a long time. While being in jail after becoming the suspect of the bombing in Las Espadas, she received a message from Luciano saying that her daughter Vida is alive all along.

12. Aurora was Luciano’s accomplice.

As Emma reunite with her mother Aurora (Maricel Morales), the former discovered that the latter was Luciano’s accomplice in setting the correctional building on fire. The said arson almost killed Camila and made her lose Vida.

13. Alice Dela Torre is the ‘Killer Groom’.

A battered wife, a selfless mother, and a righteous, sophisticated woman – that’s been our perception of Alice (Lara Quigaman) from the very beginning of the story.

But far from being a martyr and a saint, we found out that she was pulling the strings all along. Being miserable with her husband Juan Felipe, Alice opened her door for Luciano. For years, Alice and Luciano had a secret affair while Juan Felipe was also having his secret relationship with his assistant. When Luciano almost backed out from being part of a notorious syndicate group, Alice was the one who convinced him that it was their only chance to build an empire and for them to become a powerful couple. She loved Luciano deeply, and together, they literally became partners-in-crime, both being responsible for all the tragedies that Camila experienced. Consumed by her pain and anger after Luciano was killed, Alice vowed to make Camila pay.

Without a doubt, The Killer Bride is truly one exceptional show. Don’t miss a single episode of one of 2019’s most phenomenal teleserye on primetime! Watch The Killer Bride weeknights on Primetime Bida!