PAANDAR 2019: The Killer Bride stars who astound viewers with their compelling, impeccable dramatic performances

Since its intriguing trailer went on-air, we all knew that The Killer Bride would be one of 2019’s phenomenal teleseryes. And from day one up to its current episodes, it has never failed to astound us with its compelling story, its great production value, and most of all, its outstanding ensemble cast.

Being part of this one-of-a kind teleserye, the stars truly pushed themselves to take their acting skills to the next level. As they accepted their respective comparably more challenging and intense roles, these stars have astonishingly proven how great they are in their craft and how they are worthy indeed of our admiration.

Thus, before 2019 comes to an end, let us all look back on some of the most trending dramatic scenes wherein The Killer Bride stars were able to convince us that there is no artist perfect to their respective roles but them.

1. Maja Salvador as Camila Dela Torre

After starring in the controversial revenge series Wildflower in 2017, taking on Camila Dela Torre’s role gave her a grand comeback on Primetime. And as she portrayed the vengeful yet kind-hearted Camila, Maja showed us a fiercer and wilder kind of acting.

Her most iconic scene, arguably, was when she broke down in great anguish during the jail fire upon seeing the crib where she left her baby Vida burning. This scene terribly shookt the online world and gained praises from the audiences.

Aside from that, she was also equally-exceptional on the scenes where she released all her grudges to Vito (Geoff Eigenmann) and where she broke down in front of Emma (Janella Salvador) after the bombing that took place at Las Espadas.

2. Janella Salvador as Emma Bonaobra

Among her plethora of portrayals both in film and television, it’s noticeable how Janella seem to stand out in playing characters in suspense or thriller narratives. She’s able to justify that even further as Emma Bonaobra, who pretended multiple times that she’s being possessed by Camila in the earlier parts of the series.

One of Janella’s jaw-dropping performances was when she attempted to stop Juan Felipe (James Blanco) from beating his wife Alice (Precious Lara Quigaman) by assuming Camila’s persona and frightening him that she would speak up about his misdeeds and crimes to the people of Las Espadas, as well as hitting him back which truly got us all shocked.

3. Ariella Arida as Tatiana Dela Torre

As a beauty queen-turned-actress, Ariella definitely wowed us by taking on the role of Tatiana Dela Torre. Although it was just her second acting role after playing Irene Flores in the 2018 daytime drama Playhouse, she’s able to prove that she could do more as an actress through her character Tati – a woman who’s feisty yet secretly traumatized with the miseries she experienced from her past.

Among her appearances on the show, it’s arguably her breakdown scenes that really amazed us, especially when she personally revealed to her family that she’s a rape victim and how much she resented them for misjudging her.

4. James Blanco as Juan Felipe Dela Torre

Being in the industry for more than a decade now, we all know that James is one of the most versatile actors who’s capable of pushing us on the edge of our seats with his intense and mind-blowing stints.

Although it isn’t the first time that he appeared as a gay or a ‘kontrabida’ on-screen, he certainly gave us a more powerful performance here in The Killer Bride. Embodying Juan Felipe Dela Torre, the Las Espadas’ mayor who covertly kills people, beats his wife, and has a secret affair with his male secretary. He ultimately showed us just how insane he could be as an actor in his interrogation scene with Maja Salvador’s Camila wherein he was forced to ‘fess up about his crimes and his involvement in her case after being drugged by Emma. His acting there, not to mention how he endured the strong slaps of Maja and how he acted like a kid, had the viewers clamoring for him to be recognized by any award-giving body.

5. Sam Concepcion as Luis Dela Torre

Focusing more on his music career, being on The Killer Bride also gave Sam a remarkable comeback. As Luis Dela Torre, he is the guy who still strives to be a better person despite knowing how greatly flawed their family is. Even after many years of taking a break on doing teleseryes, the multitalented actor showed us that he still got what it takes to captivate us with his acting prowess, such as on the scene when he mustered enough courage to air his grudges towards his dad Juan Felipe in pursuit of compelling them to tell the truth and to point out his mistakes.

6. Alexa Ilacad as Luna Dela Cuesta

Done with demure and sweet character roles, Alexa has definitely brought her acting skills to the next level as the bratty and outspoken Luna Del Cuesta. By getting us irritated every time she bullies Emma and whenever she tries to make her bestfriend Elias (Joshua Garcia) notice her, we could all agree that she has indeed leveled up. Nevertheless, she gave us the most superb acting when she discovered that she was adopted by her parents and that she is Camila’s daughter, as what Aurora (Maricel Morales) had revealed.

7. Joshua Garcia as Elias

Trying to convince Emma to confess all the things she's hiding, Elias disclosed his traumatic past to her. Back when he was still a little boy, his father locked him up one night at a shed as a punishment for being responsible to the accident of his sister. After that, he woke up and was released from the shed to see that his two sisters and his parents were all dead.

Watch out for more spectacular performances from the actors and more exhilarating scenes in The Killer Bride, weeknights on Primetime Bida!