5 Reasons Why The Killer Bride is Much-Awaited

That mere hysterical scream of Maja Salvador as Camilla dela Torre wearing a burning wedding dress has sent us the shivers. It has given us much reason to wait for this out of the ordinary teleserye, given that twist of tragedy and revenge.

The Killer Bride is a riveting teleserye in more ways than one. And here are the five reasons why we should watch for it.

1. A different kind of teleserye

A touch of romance, suspense, mystery and drama all in a “gothic” setting is an interesting and fresh formula for a primetime teleserye. It offers this peculiar combination in a very grand scale—with cinematic shots, deep portrayals, and of course an exciting tale of a ghost in a vengeful wrath.

2. Maja Salvador’s comeback

Who could not discount how such a vengeful plot could really make Maja Salvador yet another talked-about and trending topic. Everyone surely awaits her comeback to Primetime, especially those who were avid followers of her last teleserye, the revenge drama Wildflower. Maja had said this was even “wilder,” given the premise that she would exact revenge as a wrathful spirit, after being killed in a prison fire.

3. Out of this world tale

This is a story one for the books. Not only does it present the usual teleserye fare of a romance gone bad, but it also brings a harrowing element of revenge in the supernatural sense. A “Killer Bride” getting back at those who wronged her as a spirit possessing a mortuary cosmetologist to exact her revenge. This is something truly out of this world!

4. “JoshNella” tandem

This fresh pairing of Joshua Garcia and Janella Salvador comes at the right time for both, and their tandem, which fans now call “JoshNella”, will surely thrill and captivate viewers. Their chemistry seems natural, and they’ve declared enjoying their time together in the teleserye, which makes the love journey of their characters Emma and Elias quite exciting to wait for.

5. Superb cast

Aside from the lead cast of Geoff Eigenmann, Maja Salvador, Janella Salvador and Joshua Garcia, we see supporting line up that is definitely an illustrious ensemble of actors—Aurora Sevilla, Malou de Guzman, Dominic Ochoa, Precious Lara Quigaman, Cris Villanueva, Sam Concepcion, Alexa Ilacad, Pepe Herrera. James Blanco, and the special appearance of Eddie Gutierrez, among others. Thespic brilliance surely abounds.

Watch The Killer Bride, which starts its horrific onslaught, on Monday, August on Primetime Bida.