The Kids Choice Grand Finals: Meet the Top 10 Fambato

We are all left astounded with all the fam-batos’ performances throughout the two months of The Kids Choice, one originally crafted reality talent show that showcase talented families under the close scrutiny of our cute and bibo kid judges!

These fam-batos only left us so entertained, astonished and amazed with their impressive numbers that brought chills and thrills to everyone, especially our “Just Kids League.”

And now, as they reach the pinnacle of their journeys, the Grand Finals of The Kids Choice this weekend, let’s look back at those spectacular performances of the Top 10 fam-batos who will vie for the Grand Winner title.

Santos Family

Their killer dance moves will surely further mesmerize everyone as they set their sights on the top prize.

Bool Family

Their intense dance routines really left the Just Kids League and viewers in awe with their victory on the first episode of The Kids Choice. Will they continue their winning ways in the Grand Finals?

Diokno Family

All of us lost our wits, especially the kid judges in witnessing this one-of-a-kind hula-hoop number from the Diokno family of Valenzuela. Will the astonish us once more in the Grand Finals?

Llamas Family

We really can’t wait to see the intricate body movements and flexibility of Laguna’s Llamas family, which made us believe we saw toys coming to life. Will they “march” their way to a Grand Finals win?

Bautista Family

This family really rocks! The Bautista family has made our heads bang with their superb rendition of classic rock songs, especially this Bon Jovi anthem. Will they rock on to winning the Grand Prize?

Denolo Family

That scintillating on-the-sport artwork out of mud was truly something original that amazed everyone. Will the Denolo family from Valenzuela carve out a big win this Grand Finals?

Monfero Family

Another on-the-spot artwork thrilled everyone as the Monfero family from Laguna did two-minute pieces that delighted the crowd. Will they astonish once more in the Grand Finals?

Hernandez Family

Their beat-box expertise truly made the crowd go wow with the Hernandex family’s performance. Will this family from Laguna beat-box their way to the big win in the Grand Finals?

Akhtar Family

Let the drum roll for this exquisite drumming tandem family from Bataan that truly scintillated us. Will the Akhtar family drum their way to become the Kid’s Choice grand winner?

Pascual Family

With father and son at the piano, the Pascual family from Nueva Vizcaya took everyone to another world with their incredible musical skills. Will they take the title as the Kids Choice grand champion?

Catch the back-to-back The Kids Choice Grand Finals this weekend on ABS-CBN.