REVIEW: The Kids' Choice is incredibly adorable and refreshing

Who could ever imagine that these bubbly, effervescent, adorable kids will take their turn as judges in a talent reality competition?

Actually, we all knew them as competitors in talent and reality shows as well, and their chance to turn the tables is really well thought out and conceptualized. But of course, producers of the show needed to choose the right kids for the job. And they truly nailed it.

Thus, The Kids’ Choice came to be.

The kids—Onyok Pineda, Chunsa Jung, Xia Vigor, Jayden Villegas, and Carlo Mendoza—truly lived up to expectations in the pilot episodes on September 1 and 2 as they wowed everyone with their wit, intelligence and sound judgment in taking the difficult role of being talent competition judges.

Jayden’s mature outlook for a kid his age, Carlo’s feisty outspokenness, Onyok’s candid verbose, Chunsa’s honest assertions, and Xia’s cute candor really made them a superb mix in “The Just Kids League.”

As for the competitors—the “Fam-batos”—or talented families vying for the “kids’ choice” in winning the contest, are truly awesomely impressive with their immensely entertaining, astonishing, and even “buwis buhay” stunts that kept the audience mesmerized.

But the nice thing about it is their numbers’ connection to children, just like the Manson family from Pasig City who delivered bird tricks, and the Janducayan family from Davao City who did magic tricks with pets. Who could forget the Amacio family from Marikina City who thrilled everyone with their Transformers dance?

The deliberations were likewise splendid, as it showcased these kid judges’ smart reasoning and notable assertions as they laid out the reasons behind their respective choices, and the scores they gave to the competing “fam-batos."

In the end, the K-pop inspired performances of two families, the Bools of Batangas City and the Santoses of Cavite prevailed as “The Kids’ Choice” for the talent show’s first weekend, owing primarily to their intricate steps and incredible showmanship, not to mention their emotional filial bond.

Production quality was first-rate, with the kiddie vibe felt all throughout. Yet the impact is overwhelming, and any “kid” of any age would be fascinated.

Hosts Robi Domingo and Eric Nicolas were also noteworthy as hosts, acting as efficient moderators in guiding the kid judges in arriving at their week’s “choice” winners.

Robi truly displayed his ever-exceptional hosting prowess, while Eric showed he has a sterling future in this line of work.

Netizens were likewise impressed.