The Kids Choice Grand Finals: Meet the Top 10 Celebrity Fambato

As the exciting and thrilling grand finals of The Kids Choice gets underway, we can’t help but remember those incredible numbers from the show’s Celebrity Edition.

It really was so enjoyable to see how Kapamilya celebrities proved how their talents are shared with other members of their families, who would showcase their abilities on a grand stage.

Indeed, The Kids’ Choice provided that incredible platform for them to shine. Here are the Celebrity Fam-batos who will slug it out to determine who will emerge as the Celebrity Edition champion of the reality talent competition with cute and adorable kid judges, Onyok Pineda, Chunsa Jung, Xia Vigor, Jayden Villegas, and Carlo Mendoza.

Melai & Mela Francisco Family

This mother-and-daughter Celeb Fambato is truly awesome and adorable, with Melai showing how talented she is and how she passed this on to her precious Mela. Will they Boom-Boom their way to win the Celebrity Edition title?

Alonzo Muhlach & Family

From the onset, Alonzo has already delighted us with his Muhlach charms. And with his family, we come to discover another talent he has—that of being a magician. Will he and his Celebrity Fambato pop out and emerge as Celebrity Edition champion?

Aira Bermudez & Family

The former SexBomb Dancer has taken her family to greater heights with this pole-dancing routine with her nieces. Aira really put on quite a fairy tale-like show that wowed us. Will she and her Celebrity fambato rise to the occasion and become the Celebrity Edition grand winner?

TNT Boys & Family

The Big Shot trio of Mackie Empuerto, Keifer Sanchez, and Francis Concepcion didn’t miss out on the chance to become Celebrity Fambatos with their beloved families singing in the same sensational way. Will they emerge as Celebrity Edition champions?

Kyle & Bela Echarri Family

Singer-actor Kyle Echarri touched everyone with this eye-catching rendition of the American Authors’ hit “Best Day of My Life,” primarily due to this duet Celebrity Fambato performance with adorable sister Bela. Will their onscreen charms lead them to the Celebrity Edition title?

Dennis Padilla & Family

Actor-comedian Dennis Padilla and son Gavin really scared yet astounded us with his horror-themed Celebrity Fam-bato magic show that thrilled everyone. Will they move on to win the Celebrity Edition title?

Sam & Anne Mangubat Family

He surely amazes us with his vocal talent, but Sam Mangubat showed his skills in yet another area—pulling off magic tricks. With sister Anne, they pulled off an incredible Celebrity Fam-bato chain trick that dazzled viewers while singing One Direction’s “Drag Me Down.” Will this lead to thrilling win in the Celebrity Edition Grand Finals?

Ruffa Mae Quinto & Family

Rufa Mae Quinto’s trademark song-dance-rap act has long been appreciated and loved, and it gets more endearing with her cousins in a groovy, head-turning Celebrity Fambato rendition of Jaya’s “Wala Na Bang Pag-Ibig.” Will she and her family “go, go, go” and hit the extreme of winning the Celebrity Edition title?

Elsa Droga & Raprap Family

The very entertaining Miss Q & A finalist Elsa Droga and brother Raprap made everyone stand up and cheer with their Celebrity Fam-bato funny tablecloth trick performance. They seem to think that they have the Celebrity Edition title in the bag, or should we say on the tablecloth as well.

Benj Manalo & Family


This versatile actor and FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano cast member Benj Manalo showed his impressive dancing skills as well with his daughter Crisha and sister Colyn in an innovative Celebrity Fam-bato video game-themed performance that delighted the crowd. Will they finish the game as champions of the Celebrity Edition?

Let’s all find out this weekend in the back-to-back Grand Finals of The Kids’ Choice!