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  • Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
Spill or Swallow: Jake Cuenca asked about an ex, relationship red flags, acting and more

Jake Cuenca is the actor everyone, especially showbiz neophytes would want to talk to. He speaks with so much wisdom, an amalgamation of lessons from all the characters he’s played, so much that even just a fun “Spill or Swallow” game turned into an insightful conversation about life and acting.

In this video, Jake had the option to either answer the question or pick a jelly bean with a mystery flavor (it could be as bad as the taste of a rotten egg).

We go easy first, his favorite part of his body. If the younger Jake is to answer, he’d likely mention abs. But now as an athlete, his legs are his best asset. 

Here’s an adorable confession from Jake: "I'm a mama’s boy." Especially with a recent painful event, Jake realized he would always need his mom no matter his age. Clearly, he is family-oriented, that’s why he’d rather have relationship drama than family problems. Asked how much he overthinks, he rated himself just 2 out of 10. Jake calls himself a chill person until he goes intense for a role.

On-screen, he is known for his committed performances, transformations from one character to another. This, according to him, is the secret to longevity. “It’s important to make these transformations, these reinventions kasi that’s how you can get a lot of projects, if you’re different from every single one. If you’re the same in every project, for sure you’ll just be limited.”

He added, “For the aspiring actors, if you take the time to learn how to do that, I can guarantee you’ll have a long illustrious career.”

His current role as Eros in The Iron Heart, for instance, requires him to deep-dive into the mind of a secret agent and gangster. It’s something he has never done before. When it comes to accepting a role, he makes sure to disappear from it.

Was there a project he regretted doing? He replied, “None.” He is proud of his filmography. “Whether it’s a small film or a big film, a flop or a success, indie film or mainstream film, ‘yung effort, pagod, at hirap is the same thing,” he imparted.

For Jake, the goal is to always top his last performance, not the project’s level of success. While it sounds self-pressuring, he underscored the key is learning to balance his tools. “Because you know your capability, you want to do more. But sometimes it’s discipline din. It’s knowing when to use it.”

As an actor, Jake is committed and prepared. He reads the script every day and expects his castmates to do the same. If not, he considers it unforgivable, “One thing I can’t forgive is not knowing their lines and not reading their script. If you don’t that, the only thing you need to do as an actor, we’re going to have problems on the set.”

“For me, if the person doesn’t know what’s going on in the scene or in the movie, that’s the biggest mortal sin for me,” he said. Probably it was just an exaggeration because, in reality, Jake easily forgives. 

“If you are mad at someone, or if you can forgive someone, I suggest do it because you don’t know when the end of the world is gonna happen. For me, I love to live life with no hate.”

Jake graciously responded to all the questions except about his past relationship with Kylie Verzosa. He’d rather risk picking a bad-tasting jellybean than talk about what happened and whether or not he’s open to getting back with her, which shows how respectful he is to his ex-girlfriend.

Jake also mentioned that he’s currently not looking for a new relationship.

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