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  • Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
What’s In Jake Cuenca’s Bags?

Jake Cuenca shared what’s inside his work and personal bags in his first vlog on YouTube. And what we discovered, apart from his quite a collection of designer items, is that he shops for his characters to fully imbibe them.

In one of his recent teleseryes, Viral Scandal, where he played Mayor Troy Ramones, Jake bought a designer perfume that he thinks suits Mayor Troy's personality. “The cast would go up to me and really associate this scent with Mayor Troy,” he said.

He also personally shopped for the character’s watch, which he saw America’s President Joe Biden wearing. “So, habang hindi kami nagte-take or when I’m not in the middle of a scene, when I look at my wrist and I see this watch that I specifically bought for the role, it reminds me na, ‘Okay, you’re not Jake Cuenca today. You are Mayor Troy Ramones today.’ And it did its job.” According to Jake, apart from Biden, he also studied the lives of Barrack Obama and Bill Clinton to build his portrayal.

Mayor Troy’s eyeglasses was also picked by Jake himself. “I think it’s very useful na nagsho-shopping tayo for our characters. It gives that character a personal touch.”

Also inside his designer work bag is a notebook where he jots down his inner monologues and pointers for a scene, “To be an actor, you have to have one [notebook]. You really have to put your thoughts into paper to make it more clear. So, when you act, mas klaro ‘yung nuances and units mo.”

His second bag contains his gym essentials. The actor-triathlete said he prefers wearing cycling shorts for running and riding his bike and when he’s at the gym. He also brings with him a jersey from his favorite football team, and extra caps in case of a bad hair day.

When it comes to his choice of footwear, Jake considers if it is best for running and working out, and can be fashionable, too.

The The Iron Heart star keeps himself feeling fresh after intense training with his choice of designer cologne.

If these items in Jake’s bag reveal a whole about his personality, we can all agree that they show how passionate he is as an actor and athlete.

You may catch him as the secret agent Eros in The Iron Heart, weeknights, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z.