• Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
  • Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
Get to know River Joseph, CJ Salonga as they take on the “Put a Finger Down” Challenge

River Joseph and CJ Salonga are two of today’s rising stars that should be on your radar. These guys are talented, grounded, and good-looking. Let’s get to know them better via Kapamilya Chat’s “Put A Finger Down” Challenge.

In the game, The Iron Heart actors would put a finger down for every statement that they’re guilty of. In the first round, they said they have no tattoos, but if ever they decide to get one, River would go for a minimalist design so it’s not that visible, while CJ would like to get a tattoo of his name.

Both actors were left with four fingers to play with after the second round where they revealed their love for action flicks. They also dreamed of taking part in an action project, which recently happened via The Iron Heart. Asked how it feels to finally try out a new genre, River replied, “Nu’ng pagsali ko sa ‘The Iron Heart,’ it opened my mind kasi ganito pala ang action, or this is how they film action, may choreography, dapat sakto sa timing lagi, but very fun.”

Only CJ put a finger down when asked if they’ve had a crush on a co-star, which compelled River to get nosy, “Uy sino ‘yan, CJ?” The guy on the hot seat explained, “Hindi naman ‘yung parang gustong jowain. Parang nagandahan lang ako.” He didn’t name the actress, though.

Moving on to the next question, River said there was never a time he forgot his line during take as he seriously pores over his script, “It takes me time also to memorize rin.” Meanwhile, CJ admits he sometimes forgets his line. When studying the script, he applies Anthony Jenning’s advice during their “Tara, G” days to memorize his lines the night before, then, focus on the required emotions during the actual take. It’s also important, CJ pressed, to get to know the character’s background.

Watch River and CJ’s “Put A Finger Down” Challenge in the video!