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  • Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
Dimples and Christian aka SerCus of “The Iron Heart” spread good vibes as they read online comments

Our ‘babycakes’ tandem!

Kilig is unpredictable and has its own way of finding you. Those who’ve been following Selene (Dimples Romana) and Orcus (Christian Vasquez)’s romcom-like scenes in The Iron Heart know this to be true. Although Selene still won’t give in to Orcus’ ‘panliligaw,’ she’s obviously turning softer, especially after his heroic save in a recent episode.

Nobody expected that the two Tatsulok gang lords would deliver such cute moments together, from what started as plain ‘bardagulan.’ But that’s the thing about unlikely pairings, they bring up the flavor of the story up a notch.

Now, netizens can’t get enough of SerCus! So, we let Dimples and Christian know what fans really feel about their unexpected love team on The Iron Heart.

In the video, the seasoned actors read comments about their on-screen tandem.

A netizen complements Orcus for being ‘makulit’ and cute, to which Christian reacted, “Uy, cute daw ako!” Dimples teased, “Pinsan mo ‘to ‘no?” It seems the two are in ‘asaran’ mode even off-cam! The commenter suggests that Dimples and Christian be given their next teleserye. What genre would they like to take on next? He thought of romantic-comedy-action; “na may horror," she joked.

A comment about Orcus’ possessive tendencies prompted them to discuss how to set boundaries with jealousy. “Okay lang ba maging possessive kahit hindi naman kayo?” Dimples asked, to which Christian replied, “May gano’n na ‘pag na-i-inlove babaliktarin talaga ang mundo. Buti na lang hindi ako gano’n.” He explained further, “’Pag kami, possessive ako. ‘Pag hindi kami, hindi ako possessive.”

His similarities is Orcus, though, is that they’re both loving and sweet. The self-glorifying statements made Dimples react: “Kaya pala ang laki ng braso mo kasi palagi kang nagbubuhat ng sarili mong bangko.”

People are calling them “favorite loveteam” and “best couple,” which they truly appreciate. And as ‘ayuda,’ Christian jokingly asked for a kiss, which Dimples rejected in a very Selene way – by threatening him with a punch. In another attempt, she asked for a stand-in, and he was so game to drop the funniest punchlines.

The next comment reads, “Ang ganda ng barilan pero ang tawagan babycakes.” Trivia: The endearment came from Christian, who tweaked his nickname for his daughter, babylove. He said that Dimples and his daughter are equally cute.

The next comment says, “Sa edad kong 40 kinikilig pa rin ako. Ang ganda mo, Selene.” After complementing his on-screen partner’s beauty, Christian pressed that ‘kilig’ knows no age. He quipped, “’Yung kapitbahay ko, 180 years old na pero kinikilig pa rin.”

“Protect this ship at all cost,” another declares. We’re here for Dimples explaining these Gen Z terminologies to her partner. Lol. 

Dimples and Christian have fallen in love with their characters as well. Add to that, they respect each other as co-actors. Combine all these and you get naturally ‘kilig’ chemistry like what Selene and Orcus possess. As Christian puts it, “Walang Orcus kung walang Selene.” They had a difficult time saying goodbye to their characters, hence that adorable embrace they shared when they saw each other the night before this shoot.

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