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  • Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
Jake Cuenca tattoo meanings

The Iron Heart actor Jake Cuenca takes tattoos as a form of self-expression and a reminder of special milestones. Find out the significant stories imprinted in his skin markings by watching this video.

In a vlog, Jake mentioned he has approximately 28 tattoos and discussed the meaning behind those on his arms, which are mostly minimalist, quotes, and geometric shapes. His latest is a diamond just because he is fascinated with the process of forming diamonds out of high pressure and temperature. “This is something that I found really cool,” he said.

On his wrist is a tattoo that says “honesty over sincerity,” which is one of his mantras as an actor, especially when he’s donning kontrabida roles. He explained, “It’s a reminder. Sometimes kasi when we do certain scenes, when we’re in characters, our priority is always to be sincere, to bring out, sabihin natin, the emotions. But when you play the antagonist, which everyone knows I love playing the bad guy, when I do these characters, what I try to prioritize is always the honesty of the journey of the character, the honesty of the portrayal of the character.”

He also has matching hand gesture tattoos on the ulnar portions of both wrists dedicated to his classmates in an acting school in New York. He said the class decided to get inked with something that will remind them of each other.

Bruce Lee’s line, “Be water, my friend,” is tattooed on his arm as a reminder to adapt wherever life brings him. “Like water, kahit saan mo ilagay ‘yung tubig, it will adapt the shape that it’s in. When he said the water can be still, sometimes, we relax, we still in calm. But water can also crash, that’s when you attack and be intense.”

Next is a box that has the word ‘breathe’ inside. He got it after the run of his first theatrical role in “Lungs,” mimicking the play’s stage setting and immortalizing his first line in the play.

If you spot his bull tattoo, it is a symbol of his Spanish roots. Jake got it during a family get-together in Spain. Combining his love for Spain and football, he got himself inked with ‘La Furia Roja,’ which means The Fury of Red, and is the name of Spain’s football team in the World Cup.

He enjoyed the 7107 International Music Festival in the Philippines, so much so he got a ‘7107’ tattoo after the event. Meanwhile, the rose was something he’s always wanted, but he opted it to be geometrical for a less traditional effect. It matches the geometric-shaped lion above it.

‘WWJD’ is also inked on his both arms. It is an acronym for ‘What would Jesus do?’

Getting a tattoo hurts a lot. But with the brilliant meanings behind them, Jake certainly doesn’t regret letting the needles sink into his skin. Which of his tattoos on both arms do you like most?

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