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  • Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
5 times Richard and Maja made us fall in love with their natural chemistry in “The Iron Heart”

The Iron Heart is a teleserye filled with suspense and action but the ‘kilig’ is also present, thanks to Richard Gutierrez and Maja Salvador. The way they portrayed their onscreen romance was so effective we can’t contain our feels! Check out the pair’s most romantic scenes via this Kapamilya Toplist.

We bet your hearts fluttered watching that scene of Cassandra talking to Apollo over the phone, saying she is at the gym to pick up the “poging accountant na mabait, matipuno, at…” then he finished her sentence, “mahal ka.” Then they lovingly embraced each other. Sana all, right? 

The plot was romantic in itself. Who doesn’t like stories reminiscent of our first loves? Apollo and Cassandra’s romance started in high school, that’s why they literally grew up and chased their dreams together. Cassandra now works as a nurse while Apollo made it as an accountant.

They have been together in every milestone, in both the happy and heartbreaking days. When Cassandra came across her estranged mother, there was Apollo to remind her that she is a brave woman. It sure ripped his heart watching his girlfriend cry. Then, they ripped ours when they talked about LDRs since Cassandra was supposed to work abroad. Apollo made a promise to follow Cassandra once he saves enough money, so they can always be together.

Their relationship never runs out of swoon-worthy moments like their picnics by the seaside. But they have their fair share of LQs, too. Just when Cassandra ditched the offer abroad all for the love of Apollo, the latter had to bid goodbye due to his secret mission.

Their reunion scene, though full of sad emotions, made sure to also speak of their love for each other. Cassandra said she tried to throw their old photos, which Apollo was looking at. But you can’t throw away something as precious as what they have. Cassandra loves Apollo so much that she waited for him for years. We witnessed the love when Cassandra said she held on despite the uncertainties because her heart said so, and then Apollo embraced her to let her know she feels the same, even without a dialogue to utter. It’s a heart-wrenching moment as we know Apollo will have to leave again soon.

We can’t help but love Apollo and Cassandra, and a big part of the reason is Richard and Maja’s heartwarming portrayal.

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