• Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
  • Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
5 times Jake Cuenca threw all-out action as Eros in The Iron Heart

Known to always deliver palpable characters to life, Jake Cuenca serves all his abilities in his current teleserye The Iron Heart where he plays a secret agent and mobster Eros. He makes sure there’s a sense of enigma that blankets the character’s entire being, and thrill as he takes on intense action scenes. Check out his badass moments via this Friday 5 video.

Viewers were on the edge of their seats when rivals Eros and Apollo (Richard Gutierrez) engaged in a gritty brawl, competing over smuggled goods. Apollo’s extraordinary strength is hard to match but Eros managed to outsmart the then-newly recruited Tatsulok member after a fight that involves rapid punches and high falls.

Eros is often up against skilled fighters. In the second scene, he clashed with ex-agent Hermes (Joem Bascon), who suspected him to be the mastermind behind Priam (Albert Martinez)’s attempted assassination that killed the latter’s son Jason (Lance Carr). This was an incredible match, given the two characters’ formidable endurance. In the end, Hermes loses due to an abrupt punch and died on the spot. 

Eros’s confidence comes in spades. The way he carries himself has a special intensity to it, which comes off as a threat to some Tatsulok members including Hero (Enzo Pineda). The Eros versus Hero fight, which transpired after Priam praises the former, displayed awesome choreography and sophisticated visuals. Hero took out a knife from his pocket while Eros held his gun, unleashing fury with every defense and offense. Romulo (Manuel Chua) arrived to stop the fight. Apart from the action, Eros impressed with his dialogue delivery, insisting that he didn’t kill Jason.

We present next the Eros versus Juno (Meryll Soriano) scuffle that was filmed in the forest. Outdoor sequences, especially those that are action-heavy are difficult to choreograph, but this one was perfectly done. In this scene, Juno tried to convince Eros that she is an ally and hands him a piece of evidence from Hermes. Eros’ attempt to double-cross Juno led to a thrilling confrontation. It kept viewers on their toes, trying to guess whether or not Juno will be dead.

We end this Friday 5 montage with another Eros-Apollo showdown, which transpired in the Athernity building. Eros entered the laboratory and sensed that the snitch was hiding in there. “Face me like a man,” he said. Apollo, with his identity concealed, answered the challenge, which sparked off a well-choreographed gun match. Eros was trapped under a tall steel rack that Apollo toppled over using sheer force. The scuffle was so intense we were scared that Eros might discover Apollo’s identity.

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