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  • Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
5 scenes that prove Eros and Nyx are a deadly combo in “The Iron Heart”

Eros (Jake Cuenca) and Nyx (Sofia Andres) are destructive on their own but even more dangerous when together. Their physical and mental skills complement each other, not to mention they exude dark chemistry on screen. Check out their scenes as villain-in-tandem via this Friday 5 video from The Iron Heart.    

Eros and Nyx’s real relationship was part of the mystery in the beginning. We just saw Nyx walking to the pool area where Eros was enjoying the company of three ladies, looking mad as hell. We assumed she was having her jealous bouts as the girlfriend. But we would find out the two are just friends who grew up together and Nyx’s temper is only due to Priam (Albert Martinez)’s assassination.

The succeeding episodes would successfully establish their closeness and Nyx’s hidden feelings for her childhood friend. She would do anything to protect him and help him climb the ranks in the mafia society. When she’s not beside Eros, Nyx is at work supervising drug operations.

In a scene, Eros noticed Nyx is a little wired about his meeting with Romulo (Manuel Chua). He laughed, saying she doesn’t have to worry about his success in the organization because he will surely make it to the top – with her. “Because I have you,” said Eros, then asked his driver to bring Nyx her favorite ice cream flavor to soothe her nerves.

Better together, Eros and Nyx were responsible for Apollo’s recent loss. The two groups fought over a truckload of drugs, with Eros and Apollo engaging in hand-to-hand combat on top of the shipping containers. Just when Apollo’s team thought they have won, Nyx drove the truck and fled with Eros. Their teamwork is their lethal power.

But, their feelings might be their downfall. In the succeeding scene, Nyx can’t hide her concern and stayed up all night by Eros’ side. She treated his wounds and made sure he gets enough rest, saying the last time he got injured was inside the fighting arena a long time ago. 

The next morning, Eros was surprised to see Nyx’s wounds.  He took the medicine kit and leaned closer to her, so close they almost kissed. But Eros pulled away. Nyx got up and said she better be preparing breakfast.

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