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  • Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
5 scenes that made us want to ship Eros and Venus in “The Iron Heart”

One thing about teleseryes that keep us hooked is the sense of unpredictability — that feeling of suspense and intrigue, especially with the romance factor. That's what we feel about Eros (Jake Cuenca) and Venus's (Sue Ramirez) unlikely duo in The Iron Heart.

They are very different and we think they might not end up together. But somehow we enjoy watching their interactions, of which the best ones are compiled in this Friday 5 video.

In the first scene, Eros wakes up to the presence of a stranger in his room. And this stranger happens to be beautiful and hot, a perfect match to his devilish charm. But the woman seems dangerous, too. Asked what she wants, Venus replied she was his server last night, then she pointed a gun at him. Eros pushed her onto the bed, creating just enough space for sexual tension.

Venus explained that she is there to ask for Eros’ help with her father aka Bungo (Mitoy Yonting)’s situation in the maximum-security compound, knowing Eros’s connections. In exchange for Bungo’s transfer to a better cell, Eros asked Venus to spy on Hermes (Joem Bascon). But her mission didn’t end well. Her disguise didn’t work against Hermes’ sixth sense. In the end, her life was put in danger. Eros asked her to stay in his place for safety.

The next day, he almost kissed her thinking she was Nyx (Sofia Andres). He apologized and said he has fixed the problem with Hermes. Grateful, she hugged him, much to his surprise. She brought him pancit, his childhood favorite It’s not every day that someone causes Eros to tap into his memories as a young boy. Even Nyx is surprised, and jealous, that he gets so soft toward Venus.

We saw that in a scene at the casino where Eros reassured Venus that she still has work the next day. She doesn’t carry bad luck, he said. Then, they talked about Bungo. Venus mentioned that her father was wrongfully accused of murder and that Bungo tried to escape once but failed and promised to never do it again.

In the last scene, he explained her new mission, which is to spy on Apollo/Tisoy (Richard Gutierrez). They shared a light-hearted chat. And for the first time, Eros broke into sincere laughter.

Do you ship this tandem, Kapamilya? Or, are you on Team Tisoy? 

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