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5 scenes of Kyle and Karina that brought lasting ‘kilig’ feels in “The Iron Heart”

We might be used to seeing young stars with a constant loveteam partner but it won’t hurt to experiment with new pairs sometimes. That’s why we thank The Iron Heart for taking a chance on Kyle Echarri and Karina Bautista because not only did they exude refreshing chemistry, but they also delivered impeccable performances in the pilot episode.

Based on online reactions, there’s a strong clamor for another Kyle-Karina project. Maybe you can manifest that by watching this Kapamilya Toplist video that collates their best scenes in The Iron Heart.

Kyle and Karina, as teenage Apollo (Richard Gutierrez) and Cassandra (Maja Salvador), managed to deliver all the ‘feels’ of young love – the innocence, the passion, and all those butterfly feelings that a first love gives. In the first clip, the young Apollo took the subway going to school and found some schoolmates bullying Cassandra. Gifted with extraordinary strength, he saved Cassandra and gave the bad guys their lesson.

Cassandra thanked Apollo as they stood opposite each other, locking eyes, with little distance between them as the other passengers stuff themselves inside the train. He was surprised when she called him by his name. She said they are schoolmates and she watches his competitions.

The universe made things happen for them when Cassandra, working part-time as a laundry attendant, delivered clothes to a customer’s house near Apollo’s residence. She was left breathless when he effortlessly carried the huge bags. If this scene is a dessert, it has just the right amount of sweetness and the cherry on top would have to be Kyle’s naturally kilig-inducing smile.

You know it is love when there’s acceptance and trust despite the person’s history. Cassandra saw nothing but goodness in Apollo. She asserted that he is different despite his family’s reputation as troublemakers. 

Apollo losing his father was like a test of their budding love. Well, they surpassed the test because what they have is real. Apollo sometimes loses courage, too, and at such moments, Cassandra is there to give him more strength. She walked him home in the final scene and promised to never leave his side. He thanked and embraced her so lovingly that our hearts melt.

The screen time might be short but the ‘feels’ Kyle and Karina brought were lasting and huge.

Apollo and Cassandra’s relationship is on the rocks as the former needs to make a big sacrifice in the name mission. Catch The Iron Heart, weeknights, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z.