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Nyx loves Eros The Iron Heart Toplist

Nyx (Sofia Andres) is fierce in everything she does, and that includes shooting her heart to the moon even if it never comes back. We’re talking about the way she loves Eros (Jake Cuenca) – deep and selfless – no matter how exhausting and painful it feels sometimes.

If you’ve experienced loving someone who can’t love you back, you can surely relate to Nyx. Check out her scenes via this Kapamilya Toplist from The Iron Heart.

There was an episode where she released her pent-up emotions about trying to fix Eros’ life more than her own needs and wants. As viewers who followed the story since day one, we understand where she was coming from. We witnessed her act as Eros’ partner in crime, confidante, and best friend – everything he needs.

If she could, she would catch his breath for him. There was a time Eros was swamped with work, so she took charge of their operations even without him telling. She works hard to help Eros climb up Tatsulok even if that means giving up her dreams to let him live his. She worries a lot whenever Eros faces trouble, so much she called his father to ask for help one time despite Eros’ protest. At that point in the story, viewers learned that Eros and his dad parted ways after his mom’s passing. He only has Nyx, so the latter must always keep her patience tank full to accommodate Eros and his daddy issues.

In another scene, she treated Eros’ wounds after they came home from an encounter and made sure he was well recovered the next morning. Forget about her injuries. Nyx doesn’t mind bleeding as long as she knows Eros is safe. The next morning, Eros found that Nyx was injured as well, so he took the medicine kit and they almost kissed as he treated her wounds. He pulled away because he couldn’t dare kiss his best friend romantically.

She struggles at night waiting for Eros to come home in one piece and is the happiest when he does. That’s how she reacted when Eros arrived from a terrifying meeting with Priam following Hermes (Joem Bascon)’s death and after he fought Hero (Enzo Pineda).

Nyx is aware of Eros’s effect on women. She gets jealous, especially with Venus (Sue Ramirez). Poor Nyx felt out of place when Eros said he needs some alone time with Venus as they were to talk about an important matter, which was about Venus’ father Bungo (Mitoy Yonting)’s situation inside the maximum security compound then. She also felt unimportant when Eros decided to connive with Juno (Meryll Soriano) without even telling her. She thought he was starting to get secretive. Then again, she can easily shove away these feelings.

When she wanted to leave and recover in her own place after she was abducted, Eros said he will never let anything bad happen to her. This promise was more than enough to convince her to stay. She also remembers the time when Eros opened up about his failed relationship and said he wants her to open his eyes once he gets too crazy again for a girl. “Kahit sinong babae kaya kong kalimutan basta nandiyan ka. Pero ikaw, kapag nawala ka sa akin, what am I gonna do?” said Eros.

However, unrequited love becomes too exhausting and heavy Nyx had to release her pent-up emotions. She cried out her pain to Eros and told him that all the sacrifices she did were all because of love.

As if she’s fallen into a spell from which she can’t break free, Nyx stuck by Eros and even helped Venus when the latter was in hiding. In the final scene in this montage, she revealed to Venus how she spent all her life being of use to Eros. She fixes everything for him more than her own needs and life, and she’s happy doing it all for her best friend.  

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