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15 times Nyx proved her limitless loyalty to Eros in “The Iron Heart”

On the surface, Nyx (Sofia Andres) might come off as just Eros (Jake Cuenca)’s partner in crime glorifying his nefarious deeds. However, her feelings go deeper than that. She is his best friend and her faithfulness knows no bound. She would beat up anyone who dares touch and insult her partner. Well, she would die for him but she would also live for him.

In this Kapamilya Toplist, we rounded up the scenes showing Nyx’s intense loyalty to Eros in The Iron Heart.    

Their relationship was part of the mystery in the beginning. We just saw Nyx walking to the pool area where Eros was enjoying the company of three ladies, looking mad as hell. We assumed she was having her jealous bouts as the girlfriend. But we’d find out the two are just friends who grew up together and Nyx’s temper is only due to Priam (Albert Martinez)’s assassination.

The succeeding episodes would successfully establish their closeness and her hidden feelings for her childhood friend. She would do anything to protect him and help him climb the ranks in the mafia society. When she’s not beside Eros, she is at work supervising drug operations.

In a scene, she was a little wired about Eros’ meeting with Romulo (Manuel Chua). He laughed, saying she doesn’t have to worry about his success in the organization because he will surely make it to the top – with her. “Because I have you,” he said, then asked his driver to bring Nyx her favorite ice cream flavor to soothe her nerves.

We can all agree that Nyx’s loyalty is a part of Eros’ lethal power. Without her, it would’ve been impossible to outsmart Apollo (Richard Gutierrez)’s team in a previous operation. The two groups fought over a truckload of drugs, with Eros and Apollo engaging in hand-to-hand combat on top of the shipping containers. Just when Apollo’s team thought they have won, Nyx drove the truck and fled with Eros.

However she tries to hide, her feelings inevitably swim to the surface. In the succeeding scene, she stayed up all night by his side, treated his wounds, and made sure he gets enough rest, saying the last time he got injured was inside the fighting arena a long time ago.

The next morning, Eros was surprised to see Nyx’s wounds.  He took the medicine kit and leaned closer to her, so close they almost kissed. He pulled away. She got up and said she better be preparing breakfast.

Her full commitment is evinced by her tender acts of thoughtfulness, as well as her fierce determination to protect him at all costs. She’d literally shield him from the bad guys when taken by Nero (Enzo Pineda)’s gang at Priam’s command. She tried to contact his father for rescue, but that didn’t work. Also, Eros would feel bad once he finds out.

She is there whenever Eros deals with his broken relationship with his dad. In a scene, seeing his father’s name in the newspaper triggered him to get drunk. Fortunately, there was Nyx to save him from desperation.

It just makes sense that she’s also beside him as he slowly climbs up the rank. She supported Eros during the announcement of him replacing Romulo’s position and assured him that he’d rise even further.

She doesn’t care if she does all the work, for instance, in solving Hermes (Joem Bascon)’s motive. In this scene, Nyx monitored Hermes’ actions through the CCTV footage while he was at the casino. She asked the staff to give Hermes special treatment, so he’d stay longer. They found out next that the guy put a bugging device under the tables, which Eros refused to take off.

What Nyx did was hire a con artist, Venus (Sue Ramirez), to help them uncover Hermes’ true identity. While Eros said he trusts her decisions, Nyx was anxious as she takes note of the new girl’s effect on her best friend.

What more can Nyx provide and sacrifice out of loyalty for Eros? Don’t miss an episode of The Iron Heart, weeknights, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z.