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Apollo & Eros join forces The Iron Heart

As they slowly dismantle every corner of Tatsulok, agents Apollo (Richard Gutierrez) and Eros (Jake Cuenca) joined forces to carry out their missions. And with their refreshing action scenes, teamwork has never looked this hot and intense. Here, Kapamilya Toplist collated their best works as a team in The Iron Heart

Apollo and Tisoy must coexist in the same allegiance and principles, first, to protect the innocent. Their first mission together was to save Venus (Sue Ramirez) and Nyx (Sofia Andres) from their abductors, which they discovered as just another faction in Tatsulok. 

A bigger task followed, which was to save the country from Adonis (Ryan Eigenmann)’s bombing attack. Knowing how dirty the enemies play, they were certain the bombings will continue even if Apollo surrenders himself as the most wanted spy in the organization. They instead hatched a plan to outsmart the villain without compromising their identities as agents. Apollo even managed to gain Priam (Albert Martinez)’s trust by tweaking the events. 

However, Eros still has an ego to feed. Working with Apollo doesn’t mean he’s content with being second best or taking instructions. They are a team, sure, but they’re still in a competition to prove the better agent between them. And there’s no better way to gauge their skills than hand-to-hand combat. The two participated in a flight club at Orgus (Christian Vasquez) and Selene (Dimples Romana)’s command, taking it as just part of the job and somewhat cathartic therapy.
Their quest to help Venus take her father Bungo (Mitoy Yonting) from prison was personal. They both laid the groundwork and came up with a plan to inject Bungo with a drug that would temporarily stop his heart. They would stir chaos inside the maximum security compound through a bomb planted in the tunnel. Amid the commotion, Bungo would be sent to the hospital by an ambulance, which they would obstruct. They would take Bungo and revive him while inside the getaway vehicle. Only two geniuses can pull off such an elaborate and dangerous game plan. 

Venus and Bungo’s reunion was a success, thanks to Apollo and Eros. However, Hero (Enzo Pineda) managed to track the target’s whereabouts and kill Bungo in cold blood. The incident soused the gentlemen in hate. But while Eros was determined to punish Hero in an eye-for-an-eye fashion, Apollo schooled him about their principles as agents, saying they’re not supposed to kill for the sake of revenge. Apollo obstructed Eros’ plan to shoot Hero. And although pissed over his fellow agent's sky-high sense of righteousness, Eros could only frown and walk away. 

Their next mission was to sabotage Echo (Diether Ocampo)’s illegal drug business. Apollo made a brilliant move by submitting himself to Echo’s team. This way, he can work close to him and obstruct a scheduled shipment of narcotics, the same kind that is distributed to the young patrons of Echo’s club including Apollo’s cousin Troy (Louise Abuel) and where Venus works as a waitress. 

Before the transaction, Eros nosed into Apollo’s plan, in which he would do all the work while Eros would act as the getaway driver. Eros thought it sounded degrading as he knows he can contribute bigger than just driving a vehicle. But, he has to trust Apollo and push his ego aside for the greater good. Without much talking, they both knew it was a deal. 

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