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Louise Abuel Troy Iron Heart Toplist

The characters in The Iron Heart have their own definitions of bravery. For Troy (Louise Abuel), it means breaking the rules and trying to be one of the cool guys – troublesome, yes. Watch his rebellious acts in this edition of Kapamilya Toplist.

High school is the sweetest age to defy the rules, as most rebels say. This rings true for Troy, who, in an attempt to catch his crush’s attention and redeem himself from the campus bullies, was lured by Cronus (Anthony Jennings)’s promise to unleash his masculinity. Troy was recruited at a troll farm, and the easy money looked so tempting he wasn’t able to escape.

His friends at the troll farm, especially Cronus, pulled him to the wrong path. He started to skip classes. He also ran away from home, triggered by his pent-up emotions of bitterness toward his parents and jealousy over Apollo (Richard Gutierrez). He easily gets offended when corrected, and then gaslights his parents by playing the victim. Though his feelings are valid, Troy always reasons that he feels neglected at home since he thinks Apollo is the golden child in the family.

The issue has gone out of control that Apollo had to step in to help Hector (Roi Vinzon) and Delia (Anna Marin) save Troy from trouble. In one scene, he rescued Troy and Cronus from their rival gang. However, Apollo couldn’t convince Troy to go back home. Even Maia (Andi Abaya) failed to enlighten him, with their conversation flaring into an argument.

Though he acts like he doesn’t care, Troy also longs for his family. There was a scene where he watched them from afar, relieved to see his parents comforted by Lia (Althea Ruedas). He thought they are happy without him. If only he asked, he would've known that Delia and Hector passionately wait for their reunion. The good thing is Apollo is there to make Delia feel better.

Troy's self-destructive behavior continued into irresponsible partying, and later on, experimenting with illegal drugs. One scene witnessed Troy almost engaging in a physical fight with his father. He pushed Hector out of his life, saying he doesn’t need his family. He thought he can thrive alone. The next day, he had to render double shifts at the troll farm since most of their co-workers had gone partying last night. Though Troy wanted to attend his classes, Cronus convinced him that they need to work hard to sustain themselves since they are trying to be independent.

Freya (Christine Samson), their leader at the troll farm, noticed Troy seemed problematic. So, she asked him to go to the Narcissus bar and look for Daphne (Heaven Peralejo) who is said to hold the solution to their problems, and that solution comes in the form of a vape juice infused with an illegal substance. When they got a hold of the vape juice, Troy and Cronus decided to give it a try because, as youngsters say, YOLO or “You Only Live Once”.

Troy is clueless that he’s setting himself up in a dangerous game. Don’t miss an episode of The Iron Heart, weeknights, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, TV5 and A2Z.