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15 scenes of Maja Salvador’s sincere, brilliant portrayal

Maja Salvador is undeniably one of the best actresses in Philippine entertainment, with her expertise coming across all kinds of genres, most especially drama. Maja's recent assignment was a sheer display of brilliance opposite Richard Gutierrez in the Kapamilya series The Iron Heart.

With Cassandra in her hands, the character has become endearing and perfectly encapsulated the pain and beauty of selfless love. We know everyone’s still drowning in 'feels' after Cassandra’s tragic fate in the recent episode, so here’s a Kapamilya Toplist to comfort your grieving hearts.

Maja showcased her familiar talent in the first scene where she caught her estranged mother back in town, giving an honest depiction of hurt and bitterness. At the same time, her chemistry with Richard as Apollo went off the charts. In that scene, she screamed and cried all her pain while Apollo reminded her that she’s a brave woman, which means she can thrive on herself.

As if that was a premonition of another loss to come, Cassandra’s world shattered when Apollo bid goodbye due to his secret mission. Even without his presence, Cassandra felt so connected to Apollo that she woke up at night from a bad dream. It was interspersed with the scene of Apollo in danger leading him to prison, as plotted to entice the Tatsulok syndicate group.

Maja delivered a stellar performance depicting Cassandra’s brokenness in her unexpected reunion with Apollo. She cried out the pain of holding on despite the uncertainties. She said her heart is telling her to wait a little longer even if her mind tells otherwise, keeping things relatable to the viewers. Apollo said he feels the same, even without a dialogue to utter, but through a tight embrace. It was a romantic and equally raw and heart-wrenching moment as we knew Apollo would have to leave again soon.

We also can’t leave out her big emotions toward her annoying mother, who came back like nothing happened, bringing her younger daughter Lia (Althea Ruedas) in tow. Cassandra’s heart had been tortured a lot. While grieving Apollo’s disappearance, she had to deal with her mom abandoning her and Lia again.

Although the bubbly Lia was like an angel sent to make her smile somehow, still nothing could help her get over Apollo’s memories. Everything she sees reminds her of him.

Apollo returned unannounced, typical of him. But Cassandra said she is getting married to another guy and that she has deleted him from her memory. Well, she tried. This scene was made for all the ‘marupok’ lovers out there, who probably weren’t able to evade the realness in Cassandra’s dialogue, “Huwag kang lumapit sa akin. Please, huwag mo akong hahawakan dahil isang hawak mo lang lalambot ako. Isang titig mo lang, lalambot ako. Kasi ewan ko ba sa sarili ko. Itong pusong ito, ikaw pa rin ang mahal.” And the way Maja delivered the line perfectly depicts her character’s struggle to listen to logic more than her feelings and to resist her first love.

But in the end, they can’t be without one another. It’s just that Apollo has a mission to give his whole life to. We go to the scene where Apollo trapped Cassandra and noticed she isn’t wearing an engagement ring. As always, one touch from Apollo made her weak in the knees. The two kissed and made up, with Cassandra finally realizing why Apollo had to leave. They promised to start anew since Apollo was confident he had killed the Tatsulok leader Priam (Albert Martinez).

On the day they were supposed to leave, Apollo heard shocking news from Helen (Maricel Laxa) about Tatsulok. His mission shall continue, leaving the love of his life broken all over again. Maja’s reaction to that was pure sadness. She begged him to choose their relationship over his mission but he couldn’t. Then, she turned her back and cried in silence.

From her first appearance down to her death scene, Maja was flawless and intense. Her character, Cassandra, was killed by the Tatsulok members, who initiated a deadly shooting to avenge the death of Priam’s son Jason (Lance Carr). Apart from well-choreographed, Maja’s death scene was full of emotions and love as she thought of Lia until her final breath.

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