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Brother Joseph The Iron Heart Toplist

Who doesn’t love redemption stories? Even the most villainous characters can have a change of heart and unleash their inner good. A perfect example would be JM De Guzman’s character, Brother Joseph, in The Iron Heart

From being a ruthless mafia member disguised as a sect leader, Brother Joseph warmed up toward his former enemies and tried to right his wrongs in the end. Re-watch his journey via this Kapamilya Toplist of scenes from the trending action-drama series. 

As the villain, Brother Joseph was dangerous in that he appeared spotless on the surface and exuded charisma that enabled him to wrap people around his little finger. He used to run a sect called Yusebia which claimed to honor God and their interpretation of their law. Somehow, a few members would open their eyes and see his true colors.

One of them was Cora (Ruby Ruiz), the old lady who had enough of the group’s hypocrisy. But her plans to escape reached  Brother Joseph, who forced her to confess her sins before strangling her to death. 

In the succeeding days, Apollo (Richard Gutierrez), while looking after his newly recruited uncle Hector (Roi Vinzon), noticed Cora’s disappearance. He was told that Cora was sent to another place for missionary work. However, Apollo’s suspicion only intensified upon the discovery of skeletons buried within Yusebia’s vicinity. 

Brother Joseph noticed Apollo becoming a thorn in the flesh of his evil missions and his effort to impress his Altare leader, who turned out to be Eros (Jake Cuenca). Talk about plot twist! He insisted on killing Apollo, though Eros doubted that he’d be able to do it. 

This sparked a series of badass chase and fight scenes between Brother Joseph and Apollo, with the former dragging innocent people into the war. He was seen sneaking inside Apollo’s house with a knife when he caught Lia (Althea Ruedas) alone in her room. The scene suggested that Lia was abducted or worse, murdered.

Brother Joseph’s wickedness didn’t end there. He went on with his ‘evangelical’ works with Yusebia and even asked his members to organize a thanksgiving ceremony to symbolize reset. He believed that the Highest Being was making a way to eliminate the distractions and enemies surrounding him. In the middle of the celebration, Apollo, the new Tatsulok leader, attacked Yusebia with his team and took Brother Joseph. However, a gun match ensued, giving Brother Joseph the opening he needed to escape. 

Flashback scenes revealed that Brother Joseph took Lia captive in a secret place where she was given a decent room and food to eat, though living in danger. Lia’s innocence was like that of an angel sent to touch Brother Joseph’s heart, sparking an unlikely bond. 

Hoping that he’d warm up, the young girl would treat him like a friend. In one scene, she took care of him when he was sick. He shooed her away but she insisted. In another conversation, Brother Joseph was enlightened by Lia’s forgiveness. He learned that he could be part of something so much better. When the little girl gave him bread to eat, he broke it into two pieces and shared it with her, as if a peace offering. 

Just when he had a change of heart, he found himself fighting in crossfire and ultimately giving up his own life to save Lia. At his dying moment, Brother Joseph told Apollo that he must first bring down Atlantis to completely destroy Altare. 

Apollo’s mission is getting more intense and exciting! So, don’t miss an episode of The Iron Heart, weeknights, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, TV5, and A2Z.