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  • Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
15 heartwarming father-daughter moments of Bungo and Venus in “The Iron Heart”

Bungo (Mitoy Yonting) and Venus (Sue Ramirez) are often funny and always full of love. Though they can’t be beside each other at all times due to circumstances, nothing can break their solid father-daughter relationship.

Here’s a Kapamilya Toplist video that collates their most adorable and heartwarming moments in The Iron Heart.

Flashback scenes revealed that Venus had a happy childhood until Bungo was wrongfully accused of murdering his boss. Her aunt took her in and trained her as a con artist. Until adulthood, she didn’t stop loving her ‘Tats’ (short for tatay) and fighting for justice.

Meanwhile, in prison, Bungo met Apollo (Richard Gutierrez), to whom he entrusted his daughter should they cross paths. He showed Venus’ photo to Apollo and cried, talking about his daughter’s admirable traits and how much he misses her. This scene made us shed tears, then, it made us smile a little because of the gentlemen’s light-hearted banter. Apollo quipped that Venus and Bungo don't even look alike.

As fate would have it, Apollo encountered Venus after many times but he only recognized that he is Bungo’s daughter after saving her from John (Jeric Raval)’s attempted sexual assault. Whenever Venus is trapped in precarious situations, Apollo comes to the rescue as promised. 

At first, Venus doubted Apollo’s character and thought he was mysterious enough until another heroic save. She visited her dad and told him that he was right about Apollo all along.

Bungo often looks at situations with humor but is seriously dedicated in protecting and loving his daughter. He knows when to play strict when needed,  asking Venus to stop scamming people. He said Venus can’t hide anything from him because he is her father. He knew that Venus lied about her job as a call center agent. Despite that, nothing can make him love her less.

And when she did, when she told him that she’s making good deeds for other people, Bungo couldn’t be any prouder of her ‘Naks’.

When Bungo faced health complications, Venus went to great lengths to provide him with the medical attention he badly needed. She tried to persuade the jail warden even if it meant seducing him a little. Then, she found her savior in Eros (Jake Cuenca), who used his connections to transfer Bungo to a room and give him immediate medication. There’s nothing Venus can’t do for her father.

Their love for each other is their driving force to keep going. Thanks to her perseverance, Venus finally received a call from a law firm willing to handle Bungo's case. She immediately told him the good news and they bantered happily.

However, Bungo would face danger inside the maximum security compound as Tatsulok members tortured and forced him to sell out the snitch in the group. The depth of his love for Venus knows no bounds that he kept quiet and sacrificed himself to protect her, knowing she’d be dragged into the mess. Venus’ heart broke in pieces (ours, too!) when he saw his father – eyes were swollen, his cracked lips struggled to speak, and wounds and bruises all over his skin. After talking to the warden, she had hunches about Tatsulok’s involvement in Bungo's abuse. But she can do nothing at the moment.

In the final scene in this video montage, Bungo was beaten up while on the hospital bed. He didn’t confess anything and said that he is willing to die if needed. Then, he quietly prayed not for himself but for his daughter’s safety. No matter where this problem brings them, he will love and protect her until his dying breath.

Find out what fate awaits Bungo in the next episodes of The Iron Heart, weeknighst, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z.