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10 times Nyx and Venus clashed in The Iron Heart

What do you get when two women oozing with ‘main character energy’ get trapped in an unexpected rivalry? Fierce confrontations! Venus (Sue Ramirez) and Nyx (Sofia Andres) don’t starve The Iron Heart viewers of deliciously entertaining “tapatan” scenes, which we compiled in this edition of Kapamilya Toplist.

Sometimes we think these ladies can become gal pals, if only Venus didn’t snatch the heart of Eros (Jake Cuenca), Nyx’s best friend whom she has feelings for. Just watch the first scene where Nyx forced Venus to stay in Eros’ place after an encounter with Tatsulok. Of course, she was only trying to follow Eros’ orders, but her concern toward the other female was evident. She even let Venus borrow her clothes. And while they quarreled a lot, Nyx made sure Venus was perfectly safe.

In the next scene, Nyx was like an older sister scolding Venus for her blabbermouth attitude when the latter called one of their customers at the casino ‘malas’ or unlucky. She reminded her to treat customers with respect, and if possible, just keep her mouth shut. She then issued a warning about her employment.

The two frequently bicker over small things, like when Venus insisted that Hermes (Joem Bascon)’s car was at the casino’s parking area but they found none when they went there. Nyx, sounding annoyed again, told Venus to stop making fun of situations. No one drives her crazy like Venus, well, apart from Eros.

Another round of push-my-buttons face-off transpired at Eros’ place when Venus visited for an important meeting. Nyx caught her eating lunch and was annoyed at how the visitor looked comfortably at home. Add to that, she was jealous of Venus and Eros’ growing closeness.

Well, a little jealousy can be healthy but too much can be toxic and deadly. Nyx had enough of Venus and Eros’ intriguing transactions, so she asked the former about her extended work for him. This time around, Venus packed up her usual perky replies to serve Nyx with a feisty clapback. Venus said she wouldn’t waste time explaining to Nyx, as she isn’t her boss.

There was also a scene where Nyx found Venus in Eros’ safe house. Of course, she was mad and held her at gunpoint. But, she didn’t kill her. Instead, she released her pent-up emotions about trying to fix Eros’ life more than her own needs and wants, how she spent all her life being of use to him. Finally, when Nyx discovered that Venus is Apollo (Richard Gutierrez)’s ally, the two ladies engaged in intense physical combat.

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