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Enzo Pineda Hero The Iron Heart Toplist

His name is Hero, but the truth is he is a self-absorbed and unpleasant villain. It’s impossible not to get peeved by this character, which only means Kapamilya actor Enzo Pineda is effective in his portrayal. Check out his most hated ‘kontrabida’ moments in The Iron Heart via this Kapamilya Toplist. 

The video opens with Hero interrogating Eros (Jake Cuenca) after a disrupted transaction in which the latter clashed with Apollo/Tisoy (Richard Gutierrez)’s gang. Hero had Eros tied to a chair and forced him to spill the identity of the mole in Tatsulok. And since these gentlemen are both self-inflating characters, the scene ended up in an intense duel.

Round two was even more extreme as both of them were eager to kill each other. Hero took out a weapon from his pocket and said he could finish Eros with ease, but the latter wasn’t even bothered because he doesn’t care about anyone in Tatsulok other than their boss, Priam (Albert Martinez). The confrontation was halted when Romulo (Manuel Chua) arrived and warned them of the consequences should their actions be known to Priam. Eros walked away with his confidence intact, while Hero was left with a wounded ego. 

In reality, Hero can only fight those that are less powerful like Jimmy, the inmate tasked to recruit Tatsulok members inside the maximum security compound. The snitch was getting too troublesome, so Hero had to review their recent recruits’ profiles. He’s confident that he can catch the traitor despite his recent blunders. When the inmate tried to make an opinion, Hero got so prickly he almost killed him with his glare. 
Another thing that makes him bitter is when he is called ‘alalay.’ In a scene where he tortured Bungo (Mitoy Yonting) in an attempt to extract information about the spy, he lost his cool when Bungo mocked his position in Tatsulok. Triggered to the core, he got his revenge by beating up the helpless victim. He then ordered his men to keep Bungo under surveillance. 

However, his plan was again disrupted by Apollo, Eros, and Venus (Sue Ramirez) joining forces to take Bungo out. The scene where Hero’s team played hide-and-seek with the sniper was so fun to watch. He was losing it and was screaming in frustration at the sniper, who he didn’t know was none other than Eros. Meanwhile, Eros enjoyed seeing Hero try to evade hell and he proved that the latter is a weak opponent. 

The incident didn’t please their big boss. Of course, Hero was berated for his errors. As soon as Priam turned his back on him, Hero was seen acting furious and embittered that he still can’t get Priam’s respect despite his loyalty as his right-hand man. He was reminded of the many times people insulted him for being just an ‘alalay’ or aide. 

He, therefore, must get his confidence back, which he did by killing Bungo. This would have to be one of his most hated scenes in the series. And he vows to kill more, especially the spy in Tatsulok. 

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