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10 striking Apollo versus Eros confrontations in “The Iron Heart”

In The Iron Heart, thrill isn’t just born out of death-defying, high-octane action scenes, because even just a verbal sparring and staring showdown between its main guys Apollo (Richard Gutierrez) and Eros (Jake Cuenca) are enough to keep us on the edge of our seats. You see, these men can be silent – but deadly.

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Any place could turn into a war zone whenever Apollo and Eros have an encounter. Their very first scuffle happened in a port area as they fought over smuggled goods to impress their bosses in Tatsulok. What started as a badass brawl that involved sophisticated martial arts skills and stunts ended with a cutthroat exchange, with them spitting threats at each other.

Eros’s confidence comes in spades while Apollo’s greatest power is his ability to remain calm in galling situations apart from his superhuman strength.  So, when Eros announced he’d take over their faction’s leadership and tried to provoke Apollo with insults, the latter simply fought back with sarcasm.

In the succeeding scene, Apollo and Poseidon (Pepe Herrera) secretly discussed Eros’ unbelievable rise to power. As they moved up the building, Eros was going down the opposite escalator, giving them an opening for an aggressive staring showdown. Deep inside, they were thinking how to topple each other down. Eros was starting to suspect Apollo as the snitch in Tatsulok, driven by the theory that Tatsulok’s operations have been compromised many times since his recruitment. There was no dialogue in this scene but we felt the tension and grit just by the actors’ ‘death stare,' as if their eyes could cut anyone to shreds.

But, of course, Richard and Jake didn’t train for mere exchange of looks. They are well-equipped with martial arts bravado, which we witnessed in the succeeding scene. In a suspenseful clash that transpired in the Athernity laboratory, Eros sensed that the mole was hiding in there. “Face me like a man,” he said. Apollo, with his identity concealed, answered the challenge which sparked off a well-choreographed gun match. Eros was trapped under a tall steel rack that Apollo toppled over using sheer force.

They were also lauded for their mesmerizing, modern tour-de-force set in a warehouse. Setting the tone was Apollo’s sarcasm when he addressed Eros as ‘Sir.’ The latter squeezed his shoulder to see if he would flinch because that means he is the spy that was shot on the shoulder in a recent encounter. But, Apollo’s skin is indestructible, and so is his pain threshold.

They forced each other to confess their identities as agents, resulting in a roller coaster brawl with tangible brutality. It started off with an exciting gun match until Apollo ran out of bullets. With no weapon other than his sheer strength, he attacked Eros, who managed to regain his stance, building up an immensely satisfying violence.

After the action was a man-to-man conversation in which Apollo convinced Eros that they join forces to end Tatsulok. Even without a straightforward confession of their identities as secret agents, they read between the lines. Although it was silent, the scene had an air of thrill and danger since there was a huge risk on Apollo’s part.

They joined forces in stopping a series of explosions plotted by Adonis (Ryan Eigenmann)’s team. Apollo managed to earn Priam (Albert Martinez)’s trust and move his way up the Tatsulok realm, causing Eros to feel embittered. Apollo explained that it’s part of his game plan and Eros must hatch something, too. This may be just a simple conversation but every time they face each other, Eros and Apollo can keep things tension-filled because they are both wise and dangerous.

Therefore, no one is allowed to act complacent.

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