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Troy & Cronus The Iron Heart Toplist

Their friendship might have started at a troll farm, but it turned real, and together they’ve learned to pull each other into the right path. This is the story of Troy (Louise Abuel) and Cronus (Anthony Jennings)'s unexpected brotherhood in The Iron Heart

There were many scenes in the teleserye where Troy and Cronus were all set to fight for each other. They may not have always made the best decisions as youngsters lured in different directions but they certainly showed what true friendship is all about. They may bicker a lot yet they always have each other’s backs. Relive their best moments via this Kapamilya Toplist video. 

The duo left us entertained with their action-packed scenes, but they also never disappointed in warming our hearts, especially when one enlightens the other. In one scene, Cronus convinced Troy to cherish his family, telling him that he’s fortunate to still have this feeling of certainty that he can run to them no matter what happens. Here, Cronus opened up about his struggles living alone which forced him to engage in high-paying but illegal activities for survival such as working at the troll farm.

YOLO, they say. The two defined bravery by being high school rebels trying out ‘cool’ stuff like vaping, which they didn’t know was an item from the Tatsulok drug mafia. Those were the old days, though. Troy and Cronus decided to leave the rogue life behind. 

They stick to each other especially in times of trouble, manifesting loyalty by fighting their rivals together. There were many, many times when one of them was caught in a street fight and the other arrived to the rescue or didn’t leave until both of them are safe. What’s more touching than Troy not leaving a heavily wounded Cronus when chased by a group of armed men? There was also a time when Apollo (Richard Gutierrez) saved them from danger by showing them how to knock enemies down. 

Like real brothers, they can read what each other feels and needs without asking. Painting this dynamic is that scene where Troy had trouble concentrating at work (a new, decent one) due to filial problems, which Cronus helped him face head-on by asking him to take a much-needed breather first and his no-fail pieces of advice. Cronus proved himself to be a source of comfort, offering a shoulder for his buddy to lean on. 

Of course, part of guy friendships’ dynamic is the serious discussions about women especially when a ‘bro’ needs comfort. There was a time when Troy was smitten by a young professor Iris (Krystal Brimner), who turned out to be involved with an ex-boyfriend’s drug-pushing activities. Arguments ensued as Cronus wanted to avoid any more trouble, but Troy insisted on looking for Iris in hopes of enlightening and taking her to a safer place, borrowing Apollo’s preaching about doing good when an opportunity comes. From there, Cronus was convinced to aid Troy in this heroic mission, with Hercules (Igi Boy Flores) joining the pact.

Troy and Cronus might be two of the goofiest characters in the series, yet they bring us some serious lessons about the selflessness of a friend and navigating the ups and downs, good and evil, of life together.

The Iron Heart is bound for its final mission. Don’t miss the series finale week on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, TV5, and A2Z.